Monday, January 18, 2010

A Night Out

night out
Ron and I got a very rare opportunity to pretend we are childless adults this weekend. We are still recovering from our 3am return home, we aren't as young as we used to be, many cat naps were taken yesterday. LOL, there was a death match game of Paper Scissors Rock that started around 2am, and I had to drag Ron away. It was hilarious because he was saying we would be home by 10pm, in bed and watching X-Files.

What had us out of the house? One of Ron's best friends (the best man in our wedding actually) turned 40 and we got to go to his surprise party!! Most of the fellas in Ron's old high school crew are turning 40 this year. And I must say, a lot of nostalgia comes with 40 it seems. I have never gotten so many hugs in one night!! The man love and hugs between the boys was even worse. You would think they were going off to war. I have known these people since I was 16 years old and yet, I missed to moment when we went from beer, jello shots, and drinking games to $90 bottles of wine and making song play lists on Rhapsody. Weird, but awesome at the same time. I like this grown up version of us so much better.

Anyway... the kids are home today. We have some stuff to do. I had some great time on the torch Saturday morning and I waiting to get back to my experiments, there are really exciting beads in the works here. Stay tuned.

(ps... a huge thanks to Lindsey and my Mom for taking our three kidos off our hands for the night! YOU GALS ROCK!!)


Azure Islands Designs said...

Good for you is nice to have the time with just adult company every once in a while...a birthday with old friends makes it much more special!


Anonymous said...

very sweet photo of you and your both have amazing eyes.

Kerry said...

Thanks ladies!

Jeanette... his are so much nicer then mine. They are the palest brown that goes almost green in the right light. LOL... mine? I call them cow eyes!! But I do appreciate the compliment!!