Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's Always Saturday

christmas 1
she went to bed after 11pm, then woke up at 3am, and again at 5am...
we opened presents at 6am, she couldn't wait any longer

Oh my stars... can you feel that full body releasing stretch from head to toe? It's coupled with a big old yawn and in a minute or two there will be a big sigh too. What a lovely (yet weather-wise, ugly) few days its been. We haven't had a lick of snow, and the sun has shown for all of 10 minutes. I think we entered some sort of strange time continuum. Every day is feeling like Saturday and no matter what time it is, it never feels like the time that the clock says it is.

christmas 2
he was the hardest to wake up, and decided to take up the whole couch.
he is taller than me these days.
 I'm sure you know the feeling. (Not the feeling of having a 14yr old taller than you... ignore the captions, they don't go with the text.) I imagine the sensation of time crawling and flying at the same time will last straight through the new year, at least for us. Not a single one of us has a single have-to-do commitment until January 3rd. That means random little projects here and there, watching lots of movies we have missed renting, unexpected gatherings with visitors, sleepover parties, too.many.sweets, complete overhauling of bedrooms to make way for the new gifts, several visits to drop off donations at Goodwill as a result, a few more sweets, going to bed early and sleeping late, ignoring the beeps from our cell phones, keeping the Christmas tree up all week despite my usual need to take it down the very next day, a party or two, and oh am I being nagged by the desire to knit and there is a total lack of projects before me!  See... it is your typical Saturday, all week long.

christmas 4
about a bazillion apps at the touch of your finger...
haven't decided if that is a good thing or bad thing yet. he has had his new pjs on for 3 days.

Needless to say, my time here will be spotty throughout the next week. I am sure once things return to normal in our home, it will get back to normal here too. I always feel like this time of year isn't for blogging anyway. You should be loving your family, not reading stuff from me. So... turn that computer off, grab another sugar cookie, and start a game of Monopoly with someone. Though, don't ask me to play, because it is the only game I won't play with anyone in this house. They all cheat and won't ever trade properties with me.

christmas 3
Wishing You The Merriest Of Holidays and a JOYOUS New Year...
with love from The Bogerts.


mairedodd said...

enjoy your saturweek... yes, it does completely feel like that - a pause in time that moves with speed... i had to smile, nick has been in his pjs as well for a couple of days... not so bad!

Alice said...

Oh dear, I do believe we are in the same time continuum here!

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!