Monday, December 19, 2011

Early Morning

early morning 1
early morning 2

:: yes, I step quickly into the snow, barefooted, to get a few pieces of wood to start the day's fire
:: it is so wonderful to finally see some white and wishing it will last but knowing rain is on the way
:: last night, restless, I watched the outline of a deer graze in the dark of my backyard
:: I hate the annual debate about what is enough when it comes to gift giving
:: finished two of my handmade gifts over the weekend, starting another today
:: Lauren is completely convinced her Momma-made gift is some hand knit socks... it isn't
:: Ron decided we needed to purge and organize our master bedroom closet yesterday... I hung his golf shirts in color order
:: saw a short piece on PBS that is causing me to long to make marmalade, but sadly I only know one good marmalade recipe and the 24 half pints would probably go to waste
:: marmalade recipe... a few spoons of marmalade, cream cheese, finely chopped bacon... amazing on bagels and a wonderful party dip for pretzels or on crustinis
:: I think I know my One Little Word for 2012
:: confession, I am avoiding email like the plague... sorry... if you wrote, I'll reply eventually, promise
:: and... I am also avoiding photographing rings and brooches for my website as well
:: sometimes I say to myself "I just don't wanna" and then I don't
:: looking forward to sharing some heart whispering with you in the new year
:: since it is the holidays, let's call it heart twinkling... what is your heart twinkling?

early morning 3
early morning 4


TesoriTrovati said...

I don't know if I have told you this or not, but your words, your images, your soul are so inspiring. There is a simplicity to what you share that reminds me to slow down and appreciate the every day moments that make up life. I am not that good at living in the present. But coming here never ceases to amaze me. My heart is twinkling with overloaded circuits right about now. And I just decided on another last minute Christmas gift that I hope to crank out in the wee hours this week. Still not sure if I even have all that I need, but I guess in a few days it won't really matter. Wishing you bright and happy Christmas memories, Miss Kerry, and looking forward to your continued inspiration in the new year.
Enjoy the day.

Francy said...

mmmmmmmmm that fire looks so yummy! We are having cold I am sitting on a heating pad as we do not have a fire place that is yummmmy like yours.

Merry Christmas@

mairedodd said...

oh, that debate about what is enough... is it the fear of disappointment when the gifts stop? for surely at some point they do... we love them and want to show them... but what do we teach them with too much... i am currently feeling like i am ok - but hope i don't panic on friday...
our tree will get lights tonight - we got it yesterday (bonus of going late - it was about 60% off)...
all of the best to you, kerry - thank you for the friendship you share...

Cindy said...

Aw, what beautiful photos today and soul searching words. Gosh if it wasn't so late, I'd reflect more. :-) I'm caught up in the whirlwind of the week and now my brother and his family are in town - which is so, so nice.

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

My heart is barely twinkling right now - I think I'm in the middle of a depression slump - but I am pushing through and looking for the joy of the holidays wherever I can - thanks for helping me find some in your blog pictures :)