Friday, December 30, 2011

The Year That Was

winter day 3 :: all the possibilities

:: January ::
I left the confines of my dungeonous basement studio and set up shop in #307 of the Hungerford Building in downtown Rochester. Oh how I love my studio and I love that they only time I spend in the basement now is to run down and drab something in storage. I don't care how big the laundry pile gets. I just can't tell you the peace that settles into me when I think of my studio now. It really is the building as a whole that give me that feeling. I have meet some truly great artists/people/friends there and I think that is absolutely priceless.

while tumbling 1

:: February ::
I turned 33, a number I absolutely despise. Not because it makes me think myself old, not at all. But because I really like multiples of 5 or even numbers. 11 and 33 really are the worst. Most of the month was spent meeting my first deadline for my second book, Rustic Wrappings. But in there I did a First Friday in my studio and became more confident in myself as to what I will accept from the public and what I won't. As I have scrolled through old posts this morning, I think this one summed up February best and I think I should do that at the end of the month more often.

paint hands 3

:: March ::
My first book, Totally Twisted, was voted Best Beading Book of 2010 and I couldn't be prouder of that. You all made that happen and you ROCK!

va beach 23

:: April ::
I remember April because it was the month I took the kids on their first proper road trip. We filled up the car and headed down to spend a week with my best friend Kelley in Hampton VA. It was such an awesome week. The kids are insisting we do it every April and I think I'm obliged to make that happen. We drove every where when I was a kid. There was no way my parents could afford airfare for 4, so all our cross country trips were by automobile. I love driving far away places. Hmmm.... wonder where else we could drive off to?

shooting jewelry

:: May ::
So much more of our time was moving outside. The year of the exterior started when, throughout the summer, we created new gardens, power washed and stained the deck, painted the house, and had new basement windows put in. It was also a mental turning point for me. I remember distinctly seeing one photo of myself in particular that I just could not stand. I started running on a regular basis and counting calories and the pounds started coming off. By September, I was down 35 pounds (some of which have come back thanks to the damn Holidays).

to do list love 2

:: June ::
It was down right crazy. I turned in the final pages of Rustic Wrappings, painted the house, the kids got out of school, and I turned to just posting photos for the month as a way to cope. I am so happy I followed through on that, because Picture Color was awesome.

date night 2

:: July ::
For me, July is always the most difficult month of the year. The kids are home and the initial excitement of summer as worn off, boredom has set in. We keep busy as best we can and wait for the days to pass. I knit Lauren a cute sweater in July, and I made a quilt to hang on the walls in the studio. I think I got to spend all of 4 hours total in the studio all month long. I'm not complaining, mind you. I feel very fortunate that I can be home with my kids. I know there are lots of Mom's out there that would give their right arm to do the same.

keuka weds 6

:: August ::
I gotta say, August was kinda fun this year. The last two weeks of summer I tried to do something around town everyday with the kids. We did a ton of cool stuff (like visit The National Museum Of Play) and then, we spent a few days down at my Aunt's cottage on Keuka lake. I always dread asking to use the cottage, feeling like we should just get our own, but I am always thankful when we get there. There are so many good memories in that little place and I hope my kids are making some good memories of their own.

studio joy 4

:: September ::
And then... school was back in session and I was in heaven. And, I started preparing for what would be a whirlwind Fall. Besides school starting, ArtBliss is always a high point in the month. This year, I debuted my new class, Snaptastic, and then by the end of the month, I launched the e-course. I still pinch myself when I think about that. I always hoped I would work up the nerve to host an online class, and I'm proud I made that happen.

nyc 21

:: October ::
I went to NYC. Enough said. HA! So many incredible memories burned into during my week there. It was unforgettable.

fall walk50

:: November ::
As soon as I got back from NYC and all through November, I worked my ass off preparing for the OOAK Show Chicago. I pushed myself in ways, creatively, that I didn't know I was capable of. I made over 250 pieces of unique and awesome jewelry in just 6 weeks. All the while, balancing family life. We still had our Fall Walk, we celebrated Jacob's 14th birthday, and we had a great Thanksgiving. I think I will look back though and think it was mostly all a blur. So many hours working, so many long days... where did that time go?

howdy neighbor

:: December ::
Oh December, December, December... I think I have lived a whole year in this single month. It is another one that will be ingrained on me in an unforgettable way. The gamut of emotions are still with me and honestly, I'm still a bit tender about it. There was incredible highs and incredible lows. I am so looking forward to turning the calendar to January and seeing what this new year has to hold.


Lorelei Eurto said...

what a great post! I loved seeing each month, and rehashing all the things you did. that was awesome, thanks Kerry!

Rebecca said...

So many wonderful achievements, documented in beautiful photographs....what a year you've had when you see it all lined up like that! Thanks for sharing. Hope 2012 is a great one for you and your family!

Ornamental Style said...

Love the year in review. I look forward to seeing what the new year brings for you. And me, too! Happy new year and all the best.

Cindy said...

Kerry, rereading all that you did each month was like flipping through a year book...and felt like it all happened just YESTERDAY. It was a nice to recap the year with you and I feel like I shared many of those memories with you along the way - thank you for so many good times in 2011. 2012 is going to be a GREAT year, I just know it!!...isn't it exciting anticipating what will unfold?