Monday, December 12, 2011

Tree Trimming

tree 1
tree 2
tree 3

:: it feels like the season has finally begun... we found our tree and the traditions, old and new, are under way
:: old, the same little Christmas tree farm
:: new, this time Jacob cut it down instead of Dad
:: this time last year we already had more than 40inches of snow, this year we have hardly had an inch
:: Lauren, despite learning the "Santa Secret", has more spirit than any previous year
:: old, that same old star that was on our very first Christmas tree
:: new, not putting the tree up in that same ole spot in the living room
:: I went out for some shopping the other day and created my handmade list of goodies
:: I have a lot of handmade work to do in the next 13 days
:: it is easy to get caught up in thoughts, though, while sitting with handy work. I'm trying not to get lost in the sadness some thoughts bring

tree 4
tree 5
tree 6

:: old, Momma and Lauren do most of the tree trimming and Daddy hangs the high stuff
:: new, this year Pappy hung the high ones
:: I think something is percolating, in my mind and in my heart
:: mornings making treats that flow into afternoon naps on the couch followed by evenings with the jukebox playing make for the best kinds of Sundays
:: old, stocking hang on the fireplace
:: new, it seems a different cut out cookie recipe is tried every year
:: I like holding my husband's hand while watching tv at night
:: how in the world was I up at 4 am I can hardly rouse myself at 6am these day
:: I know the fire needs another piece of wood because my feet are getting cold
:: wondering if my studio misses me... and if I go there, will I know what to do with myself.

tree 7
tree 8
tree 9


christine said...

Beautiful.....tree, home, thoughts. And what a handsome young man your son is.

TesoriTrovati said...

sweet... simple... homey... inspired.

I love it here.

You make me see Christmas in a whole new light.

Enjoy the day!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

I love the way you wrote this :)

Catherine Denton said...

Beautifully written. I love your contrast of old with new. I had a panic moment yesterday when I realized how few days I have to finish everything. Good luck with your projects. And I'm sorry for the sad thoughts.
Catherine Denton

Ornamental Style said...

Great list of old and new. And quality time spent with the family. Can't wait to hear what's percolating!

Patti Van said...

Love this post...AND that tree!

Cindy said...

What great family/Christmas tree photos! I sounds like you had a great weekend!

Jane Perala said...

Lovely post - thank you! Yes, your son certainly is a handsome young man!

Lara Lutrick said...

Great tree! Your son looks so much older than the last photo I remember seeing. SO grown up.