Thursday, November 06, 2008

1... No More Distractions

Sometimes I am pretty convinced that I have adult on set attention deficit disorder. I am supposed to being doing one thing but I am so easily distracted by other things. Yesterday, I could no longer ignore the overwhelming urge I had to create something new for the booth.

It started last week when Carter shared photos of her booth. I left a comment about seeing those cool faux displays up close. Next day she left a comment back... next day I emailed her... then the next I emailed her again. Yes, I admit, I was stalking her display cases. Carter sent me photos Tuesday night with another view of the display. That was it... I was done for. My attention was no longer my own to control. It was fixated on booth displays.

Carter's booth pieces a very unique. She made them herself and have lots of cool things like moving parts and formica bases. With the time restraints I have, I obviously couldn't go to those lengths in just a few days. But, I still convinced myself I needed something new for the booth.

There is just something about objects being under glass and having a spotlight on them. I think it makes you oooohhh and aaahhh just a bit more. It makes you realize that the things should be respected, not tossed about. It shows they are special and have value. The person making them cares enough about them that she wants them to be protected.

Ron helped me hash out a few ideas in my head. Here is what I came up with.

I made two of them, but just used one for a quick mock set up. It is a 18in x 24in piece of acrylic (1/4in thick) from Lowes. It was only $15. I then bought a dowel for $3 and cut the pieced to length. The front is 6in high and the back is 8in. It only took an hour of googling to find out that the angle I needed to cut on the dowels to get the right pitch was 7degrees. (I suck at trigonometry!) I over came my fear of Ron's miter saw and cut all those angles myself. :) Then spray painted them up. A pre-drilled holes in the plexi glass and added the dried legs this afternoon. Ta da... my own faux glass table display.

I haven't decided yet if it was worth all the trouble. But I think $40 for two displays wasn't too bad. I will probably take a run to Target or Staples later today to see about some new lights. Mine are so bulk. YUCK! I will show you how the display comes together when I set up tomorrow.

Before then though, I would love to hear what you think of this little DIY project...


Kristen said...

Kerry, so cool~ I really like that idea. I too have been struggling with my table display, and I've been wanting to change it up and add some height to make it easier for my customers to look at the jewelry, without throwing their backs out. hmmm, I'm going to have to have my husband read your post too! ha ha :)You're always so good at sharing the best info!

Lyn Foley said...

Hi Kerry;

I follow your blog, and am also a lampworker. I LOVE your work. Mine is very different. As to your displays, I am glad to see you adding glass. I think the background cloth is fun, but may be distracting to the actual jewelry. I've tried so - o -o many looks over the years ( I have been a jeweler for 43 (yes 43) years - and in the process had numerous retail stores. Now I'm on the road again, and showing at art festivals. For my latest venture (glass bead jewelry all made by me and my husband) I have settled on almost all "under glass displays" I'll be glad to send you a photo - I don't know how to add one here.

Anyway, I say, keep up the idea of making that beautiful jewelry look as important as it is. Fun, yes, wearable, yes, but putting it in a covered display says to the customer: "This jewelry is something Really Really special"

Anonymous said...

kerry, I loved your last set up with the hat rack painted. Beauty under glass is nice, but yours was unique. pam

Kerry said...

Thanks so much ladies!

Kristen, to help with back breaking... I use tables that are 2x4 and can adjust to 32inches high, rather then the standard 28in. It really helps! You can get them at Lowes, or BJs Wholesale. They are about $40, and I have 4 of them set up in a "z" pattern. It works out perfect!

Lyn, WELCOME!! Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of experience. I hope to be able to say that I worked at something as long as you have some day. So far it is 5 years down, 38 to go. :) I think the fabric maybe distracting too. I am thinking of sewing up a quick solid color runner to break things up.

Pam, don't you worry lady... I'll have my hat stand out too!!

Kerry said...

D'oh... I was wrong on the table heights. They are actually adjustable from 24in 29in and 36in. I keep mine at 36in!!

Check 'em out. Best booth investment I ever made.

Kristen said...

Thanks for the info Kerry! I'll have to look into that! :) Looks perfect!

LLYYNN said...

Kerry, those are wonderful, and your jewelry will look like little glossy candies in the candy store under those sheets and lights. I bet you have a fabulous show and meet tons of admiring people who will also love your work.

They have so many cool (as in temperature) halogen lights now that are small but put out a lot of light, I wonder if something like that would work?

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Very nice! I've been trying to come up with something new for getting more levels into my booth, and would love to do something with glass bricks but good GRAVY but they weigh a ton.

Best wishes this weekend!!!