Friday, November 14, 2008

A Tale Of Two Kitties

LOL, it is a sad day in Kerry Blogland when all she has to blog about is kittens, but hey, that's what is going on in my life right now. It is 6:30am, I am up way before I should be and the coffee still needs making. But, I am feeling chatty anyway. So, forgive me my rambling. You can skip reading today if you aren't up for it.

You might remember earlier this summer the addition of a little kitten to our family, Miss Sally Seashell. Sally and me, we never bonded. She was loud and fussy, prissy and uptight, and was more interested in playing then forming a loving connection with anyone. I am not a pure preed cat kind of person anyway. I like my side of the road "free kittens" much better. Besides, I had my lovely Bity Kity and no little Sally Seashell would get in the way of our love.

Bity Kity was an indoor/outdoor cat at our old house. We lived in the country so that was okay. But here has more traffic, and more wild life... so we attempted to make her an indoor only cat. It lasted the first month we were here. Then Ron couldn't take the digging up of plants and using random areas of carpet as liter boxes any more. He convinced me to let her outside. We started slow, just letting her on the deck, but with in a week she was all over the backyard. September 12th was the last time we saw her. We looked all over!! We put an ad on Craigs List... we drove up and down the street looking for signs she had been hit. We looked in the woods. Nothing. I didn't put up signs, because I figured, I don't pay attention to those signs, why would someone else? Someone called on our Craigs List ad saying they saw her just 2 streets away. I went to that street 3-4 times a day for a week and never saw her. I cried every morning missing her. Bity Kity was the first cat I had since having to give up Rudy, a cat I had for 13 years that started peeing in Jacob's crib as an infant. I miss both of them terribly.

Last week, my Mom took a visit out to visit friends in an area where Ron and I had our first apartment. Under the porch of our friend's house, Mom found a mommy cat and babies. Upon further inspection we think this mommy is on her third litter of kittens in about 6 months. Of course, Mom wanted me to have one. These were feral kittens, but a few had been held and handled since birth so they were tame and loving. I told my Mom a very firm no... and that I wasn't ready to replace Bity Kity yet.

Yesterday, I am getting ready to paint another coat of paint on the cabinets when I notice my Mom's car in the driveway. What is she doing here? I thought. She was caring a box too. Oh, she must be bringing Lauren something. I thought. NOPE... in the box was two dirty, muddy, under the porch living, white as snow, heart breaking boy kittens. I was instantly smitten. We bathed them, and snuggled them... cleaned their ears and played with them. The smaller of the two told me his name was Charlie. He was Charlie the minute my Mom opened the box. He was spunky and curious... playful and likes to perch on your shoulder. Now, the bigger boy on the other hand... he's a thinker... quiet and reserved... a lovey dovey white ball of mush. All the while we cleaned them up, I told my Mom we couldn't keep them... Ron would never go for it. She said she was just happy to have rescued them. She didn't want them living in the mud and cold under a porch. She said she would take them to the humane society. YEAH RIGHT! She just walked out the door and left them to run away with my heart.

I called her and had her come back and get them. Lauren and I both were sobbing messes. I called Ron through my blubbering and he said I could have one. ONE! I had my Mom bring them back, yeah both of them. My heart was made up on who I wanted but I had a little hope that seeing them together would soften Ron up. Nope. He stuck with saying just one. I have to give Ron some credit. He isn't a pet person at all. The fact that he said yes to one without me needing to just do it without his consent is a huge step.

So we kept this little guy. The bigger boy. The fluff boy. The snugly boy. Jacob wants to name him Tiberius, Ron likes the name Troy, Andrew likes Jack and Me and Lauren like the name Rusty. Why Rusty you ask? Because he has this little spot of orange on the top of his head. You can barely see it, but it is there. Just a little bit of rust on his snowball body, lol.

Yes, he slept in our bed last night. Surprisingly, it was Ron and was snuggling and spooning him!! LOL. He stays close to me. He is never far from my ankles. He is already liter trained! And, he literally hasn't stopped purrrrring since he walked in the door yesterday. I think he is as thankful for being rescued from the muck as we are to have him here.

Charlie found a very fast home on Craigs List. He is in the hands of a cute young couple that she always wanted an all white cat... and he always wanted a boy. I heard them giggling as they walked to the car and she was saying "I am so excited... he is so adorable." And their was a skip in her step. We are still hopeful that Bity Kity will come back too. Lauren says she is gone on an adventure, Milo and Otis style.

Okay... so that is my Thursday and Friday... what is up with you?

Jack Tiberius Rusty Troy Bogert


Holly said...

Awwww! I love the new kitty! And me and my Charlie are very glad that baby Charlie found a good home.

Have you checked in your old neighborhood for Bity Kity? depending on how far away it is, she could have gone there. Kitties have a GPS type thing in their brains so they always know where home is. If she didn't get the memo that she had a new home, she could have gone back to the other place.

Lorelei said...

Don't lose hope on Bity Kitty!

My 17 year old sister has male tiger cat. He was an indoor cat from the time he was a baby. But within the last year or so (even though he's fixed) he starting peeing on everything in the house, very angry that 1. my family got a black lab dog, and 2. that my sister got a boyfriend and was never home.
They got fed up and decided to make the cat an outdoor cat. They housed him in a small shed out in the yard and 2 days later he was gone. Without a trace.
They searched everywhere for him. In all the local barnes and buildings and up and down their road. Nothing. My brother cried and cried and tried so hard to find him.
3 weeks later, he came back home. He was a little bit lighter as he had lost some weight but was good and happy and quite pleased he had made it back and now lives in the shed in the yard.
So it's possible!!! Don't lose hope!

Jennifer said...

awwww, what a cute story!!! And adorable kittens! I'm so glad you found a good home for Charlie!

SueBeads said...

Oh my goodness, how cute! I can't stand it! I am so allergic and so is my son, so after my two kitties went to their eternal reward, I decided not to get any more. But it's SO HARD not to - I love kitties so much! I love their little faces!

Cassie said...

They are sooooo cute! It would have been hard to choose which one. I bet you guys are having a ball!

belvedere beads said...

have you checked your old neighborhood for bitty kitty? i don't know how far you moved but cats have a remarkable sense of direction and memory and he may have headed for his old home.

Kerry said...

Thanks everyone!

Yes, we have looked at the old house for Bity Kity. We moved about 10miles away. Or a 15min drive on the expressway. We have gone and looked for her there several times. We left our new contact information with a neighbor that Bity was fond of too.

We discovered an interesting thing about Rusty... he is deaf. Not in a joking way... in a real way. You can clap next to his head and nothing... he doesn't flinch, or turn his head. He doens't respond to whisling or banging either.

OH... Counter tops are in the kitchen!!

Kristen said...

Love the kittens! We just adopted two ourselves this past July, and we love them to death. We too had an older cat when I was younger that headed back for the old house when we moved. It was quite a haul for him but he did end up making it there after a few weeks and the neighbor called to let us know he was there. Don't give up yet! But do enjoy your cute little one! Cats bring you such happiness, they are pretty much self maintaining so I love having them as pets. We actually have 4 now with the two newbies. Our two older ones are 13 years old! Best of luck too you with him. Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Just fyi, blue eye + white cat = deafness, usually. If desperate for a home, I can offer, shelter-free with 3 other "sisters"; shots and spayed, just to keep out of shelter. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to keep a kitty. Yes, white cats with blue eyes have a high rate of being deaf. my neighbor no longer took care of their cat so it came to me. White cat with blue eyes so I immediately tested his hearing and he is not deaf. My other cat became dealf after having a stroke he didn't miss a beat. They make up for it in their other senses. I did use stomping of my feet to get his attention. He would be asleep on a bed and someone would walk by and he would wake up. It's like the breeze woke him up.
Take care of rusty. At least this cat shouldn't freak out in thunder storms or fireworks.

Tammy M

Kerry said...

It was wild today... we were working on the counter tops and Rusty with in the kitchen watching Ron use a circular saw!! Those things are major noise makers so we are convinced he is deaf. That's okay we are figuring it out.We stomp our feet, and he comes running.