Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting Sent To Time Out

Ron has a friend at work with a 20month old little boy that is learning about time outs. From the stories that Ron has told me, it is quite funny. He will hit his Mom and then say "hitting bad, I got to time out", then with a big smile on his face, he goes and sits himself in time out. He does it at his school too, hitting someone, laughing, and putting himself in time out. I am sure it isn't funny to his parents, but I found it cute when I imagined it in my head.

This morning, putting one's self in time out is resonating with me. I haven't been hitting anyone, but I think I need a time out. I don't know what it is... maybe it is the come down after all the show excitement of the past month... or maybe it is the lull before the holiday craziness that is going to ensue... or maybe it is the "family drama" I have going on in the background right now (that I don't blog about out of respect to my in-laws)... whatever it is, I am just not feeling like myself.

I am usually a very happy, bubbly, excited person. And right now, I am just plain down. So, this morning I decided to put myself in time out. When kids go to time out, they are supposed to think about what they did wrong. I am not going to be doing that, though. I am going to focus on reminding myself about the things I am doing right. I am going to take the next week off from blogging and take some time to get a little recentered. I am going to cherish my time with family... I am going to reflect on all the things I am so very thankful for... I want to slow down and get reconnected with my art... and hopefully, I will get that bit of rejuvenation I need to kick this funk and get back to being me.

I'll be back on Monday December 1st and feel free to send any emails you need to. I'll be here! And, in the meantime... A Very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


Jennifer said...

Kerry, I totally understand your need for a "time out." Sometimes life has a way of just kicking your butt. I know that feeling. I hope that you feel better after a little break. We all need a break every once in a while.

Take care, have fun with your kids, and I can't wait to hear from you come December!

Have a great one!

Jo said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kerry. Enjoy your timeout.

Lynda said...

Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and get rejuved. Will miss your blogs!

Kristen said...

Kerry, sounds like just what you need! I would love to do that myself! You take care, enjoy your "quiet time" and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Looking forward to your rejuvinated enthusiastic happy bubbly self come December! :)

Anonymous said...

kerry, the good thing is that you realize you need a break and take it! do something nice for yourself; maybe a facial or pedicure or buy a bouquet of flowers or your favorite scented candle. you do so much for everyone else; take time for yourself. i know that you will get through this. kind regards, lisa d., portland, oregon.

pam ferrari said...

Miss your blogs every day. Enjoy your time out. Happy Thanksgiving

Elaine Ray said...

"Recentered" is such a good idea for most of us. I know I let myself get pulled in many directions which always seems to lead to some sort of imbalance. Thanks for the reminder to get myself back centered, I always live better there.

Hope you have a wonderfully balanced Thanksgiving. Full of the hilarity that surfaces any time family member gather together in concert with time spent alone in your own quiet.

- Elaine Ray