Monday, March 16, 2009

A Beady Day


I am headed to my website to load up a fresh batch of Bead Box beads. It is an update that is long past due. I haven't had beads for y'all in ages. I wish I had more, but we'll just ease back into things. There are four sets of beads, and the two buttons I previewed on Watch Me Create last week.

I am lovin' the golden tone of this yellow. I am not a "gold" person. I don't own any, I don't wear any.... but this is delicious. It looks lovely with oxidized silver. The necklace I shared yesterday has a mixture of metal finishes. Did you notice? There is some bright silver, and a mix of oxidized with in the chained area. Who says a piece has to be all bright or all oxidized? Why not mix it up a bit? I played with a newish shape. It is kinda like a disc/barrel/rolo/spacer thingy. I love it. I want to make a whole necklace of just them.

I wanted to pause for a second and thank everyone, again, for the comments and emails on about my "encountering reactance". I so appreciate your support. I am so happy to have you all here behind me no matter what. And you know, more then anything, I am mad at myself. I shouldn't let anything, anything, get it the way of doing what I love to do. Don't worry... I think I was being a little dramatic. Awakening to my spoiled behavior doesn't mean that I won't be creative in other ways. I just need to better prioritize. If I want to knit or sew or paint, I can, and I will, but I need to make time for working too. (check out Kelly Rae's post HERE, timely don't ya think? I am sure that is what I was trying to get across on Friday.)

Anyway... Lauren's birthday quilt is coming along nicely, and I cast on a new top for the spring and summer that I am loving. All that is for another day... today is a beady day!! Go get yourself some goodies!!


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