Friday, March 20, 2009

2 Cameras


I had a little bored-with-nothing-to-do-for-an-hour time yesterday. You know, it is the kind of time where it isn't enough time to justify starting a project, but it is more time then you need to do something else. I have been wanting to try this little photo experiment for a while. The light was just right, so here is what I did.


There is an amazing art retreat at Squam Lake in New Hampshire. Someday I will make my way there. *sigh* Anyway, one day, weeks ago, as I lusted after all the classes I would love to take, I came across the class called Through The View Finder, taught by Andrea Jenkins. I found the idea of taking a photo through the viewfinder of another camera such a unique idea. I knew I would want to try it.

living room corner

I love the look of old timey vintage photos and this turned into a really fun experiment. I don't know if I did it quite right, but I am gonna keep trying... when I get another little window of nothing-to-do-time. And by the way... you thought it was hard to take a picture of yourself while holding the camera out in front of you... try balancing two cameras, lining up the windows just so, and then pressing the button without messing upthe line up. lol. It is dang hard to do!!

There are more photos on Flickr!


Cindy said...

This is so know I love that vintage-photo look too. And I like your hair long and straight like this!

Eileen said...

so freakin' cool...leave it to you to do some "creative" with your time...
i'm gonna try this one...