Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Slippery Little Sucker

Slippery Sucker

Look what I made yesterday. I have been playing with buttons since needing to make some for sweaters. I had this one on my desk and I thought... "hey, it could be a bracelet." I slipped some cording through the holes, added some beads to trap everything, and just tied the tassels in a knot after slipping it on.

I wore it all day to test it out. Would the bead break when I whacked it on the dryer after changing over a load of laundry? Nope. Would the tassels annoy me when I was driving? Nope. Did I like the colors? Yep.

I only found one problem. The cording is slippery. The knot doesn't like to stay knotted. It never came off, or completely untied. It just loosened up enough that the bracelet would slip and spin around my wrist. That made for a lot of playing and fiddling while wearing it, which y'all know I love. I love when my jewelry can keep my occupied while waiting for the fella at the cash register to ring up my order.

But what about you? What do you think? Should this go back to the drawing board? Is there another kind of cording that is colorful, yet non-slip? Maybe I should do it up in wire? It wouldn't have the versatility of sizing that this has but, it would look cool. Hmmm... all good things to think on.

Slipper Sucker Button Close Up


Cindy said...

I love those buttons on the front of handmade purses, they are totally cool. Esp. the felted wool purses. Great big chunky purse with a coordinated glass button. Nothing better.

Inga Johannsdottir said...

Hei Kerry!
This is a lovely idea;) But instead of this cord you're using, mayby you could try making kumihimo in the color of your choise instead. If you make it out of cotton than it's not as slippery. Hmmm, what do you think?

Janet said...

Very nice. Did you try tying it in a square knot. Those are supposed to not come undone.

pam ferrari said...

How about colored telephone wire. I made one with orange telephone wire, the small beads don't hang but are positioned any way you want. Its a cool look

Betsy said...

I love the colors of the beads! supercute!!!

Lisa Caryl said...

Why not try silk cord? You can buy it dyed, or do it your self. Colorhue dyes are easy to use and 'strike' immediately. No steam setting. Your bracelet is lovely by the way!

Chris said...

How about a surgeon's knot (wrap the right over left twice, then do a left over right once).