Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Month And Counting

Just Picked

In exactly one month from today, I have a deadline. It is the deadline for the rest of my book! Did you know it was coming up so fast? When I signed the contract back in October, the details were to have at least half the book and half the completed projects turned in by a certain date in January. Then, the second half and the rest of the projects are due by April. Man the past 6 months have flown by.

It all still seems a little unreal to me, ya know. I tell people "oh, yeah, I am writing a book," and they are all like "wow, that's cool". But as many times as I say it, it doesn't really seem real. I guess it won't be really real until I see it on the shelf at Barnes & Noble and I have an idea for book number two, lol.

There are lots of exciting (to me) things going on in the background of book writing Kerryland. For one, I was talking to my acquisitions editor last week (or was it the week before) and she told me lots of goodies. Here is a quick run down... I am going to Ft.Collins CO the week of May 18th to do a photo shoot of the step by step making of each project for the book. (I can't wait to blog about my hotel room, lol) I will be there at least 3 days, and hey, if you are in CO and wanna plan dinner or something, send me an email. Also, they have a set schedule for my book, beyond my deadlines. Cover art is due in July, which means I will have a title in May. EEEKKK!! I don't know if I have told you this or not, but they have a "title" meeting for every book. A bunch of editors sit in a room and hash out title ideas. I have submitted what I want it to be, but it still isn't definite. Now, we have a set schedule because.... I have an editor!! I am not going to reveal who she is just yet, because we haven't actually gotten to chat with each. But, I will give you a hint. You may recognize her from your email inbox if you get "daily" updates from my publisher. Hmmm.... can you figure it out?

Okay, so a big deadline like this means a few things. I am going to end up going into shhh shhh mode here on the blog. I won't be able to show you things. But as I did in January, I will show you a few of the artists I am working with and I want to share with you some of the AWESOME online retailers that have been supporting things. And um, I am sure there was something else... but it seems to have slipped my mind.

That happens a lot lately, things slipping my mind. I saw on some show, can't remember which one (LOL, big surprise there, LOL), that said your memory peaks at 22 and it is all down hill from there. I used to have a wicked good memory, now it is crappy crapola. I can't remember if I have done something 5 minutes after I have done it. I can't remember I wanted to do something as I am doing it. It is that whole starring at an open cabinet and not knowing that I was going it get a glass of water. Why was I getting a glass again? Oh yeah, water. ugh.

Anywho... sorry to be all over the board today. But that is my brain right now. All-over-the-place. I was able to focus long enough to make this sweet little goodie yesterday. A sort "ode to spring". I am calling it "Freshly Picked". It is light and fresh, just right for this time of year, don'tcha think?


Kristen said...

Kerry, you are so right, time just flew by! I remember when you announced that you were going to write the book, and now the deadline is here already! I admire you for getting it done, especially with everything else you have going on in your life too. You still manage to take care of your family, make beads, knit and write! Good for you!

pam ferrari said...

I Love it. Yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr back

Jenn said...

Ooh, I'm going to miss the eye candy while you have to be "hush-hush." But, I'm really looking forward to your book. Sign me up!

Shannon said...

My uncle always told me that once you hit 30, you get Old Timers disease. The first sign is that you start to lose your memory. I can't remember what the second sign is. LOL

Ooh, I LOVE that bracelet!!!!

Kathy said...

Very Springy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I Love it..Before you know it we will all be buying your book. Can't wait till it comes out.

Cindy said...

The beads in your bracelet remind me of the color of milkglass. I like that funky design on the focal! I'm excited about all of your big news. Time really is going by fast. And I totally hear you about the memory loss thing. I have that very same problem. :-)

Eileen said...

love the bracelet kerry...the focal is so fun...can't wait til your book comes of luck to you...