Wednesday, March 04, 2009



Pretty pretty, huh? I love getting fresh batches of glass and I love it even more when it gets delivered on sunny days. This is about 25 pounds of glass... all the colors I have been missing. Can anyone guess how much this cost? Initially the bill was $540 (with the glass, bead release and some button mandrels) but quantity discounts made it $338. Sweet!! Free shipping too. I heart

I feel the gears turning and the ideas working around in my head. This package arriving yesterday got me motivated enough to organize it and put it all away. Hopefully, I can find some more motivation from somewhere around here to get up and actually use some of the stuff. I have orders to fill.... and beads that need making.


Cindy said...

I LOVE NEW GLASS! I haven't ordered any in a long long time. But then again, I should probably use the mountain that I have, shouldn't I???

Kristen said...

What a great picture! The end result is usually what draws me in, but this is beautiful! Have fun creating with your new stash! :)