Monday, March 23, 2009

A Little More Thrifting


I had a weekend full of doing this and that. Saturday was the fullest day. I did studio stuff, some thrifting, a ton of yard work and fell asleep by 7:30. LOL. The thrifting was by far the highlight of Saturday.

Bonnie and I went to an "antique show and sale" that turned out to be more show then sale with $600 primitive step stools and $1000 water buckets. I was so bummed out by the lack of a good find, that on my way home, I stopped at the antique mall to attempt to not go home empty handed.

The poster above is what I didn't buy. I am lusting after this in a HUGE way. I want it, I can't stop thinking about it, but at $575, Ron says I can't have it. From what research I have been able to do, the poster is circa 1918 and part of a series of 30. It is BIG and measures 40 x 36in, plus the frame. I have just the right spot in the house for it too. I am tempted to buy a large canvas and recreate it for myself. Hmmm... we'll see. Maybe it will get marke down someday.


So rather than buy a big honker vintage poster, I settled on this sweet little cake tin for $10. Lovely. I like the rustiness of it, I love the pattern and the colors a wonderful too.


It sits on the bottom shelf of this bookcase I got for $40 a few weeks ago. I have wanted a bookcase just like this since buying our new house. I am so very happy to have it. I put it in my bedroom. We haven't have "nick knacks" in years. Hello... kids destroy nick knacks. It is fun to get to discover new bits and bobs to fill my house with.


Like this set of coasters in a round little box. This darling pop of yellow in now in my living room. *sigh* I love little yellow things.

You know, I have been thinking. Once the deadline is met for the book, and the estate sale/garage sale season gets in full swing... maybe I'll open an etsy shop to offer up the goodies I find to you all. You know, kinda like a side job thing. I love finding deals and a lot of you don't have the kind of sales we do up here, so it would be a win/win situation. Oh well, we'll see.


Holly said...

Don't you tease me. Now that you have said it, you HAVE to do the estate sale-shopping that I can't do.

On second thought, please spare my bank account and don't offer up adorable stuff you scavenged at estate sales. Yes, it's a horrible idea.

Ellen said...

I think the side job is perfect for you, Ker. You love the "hunt" and you have a good eye.