Thursday, August 27, 2009

Inside Voices

inside voices outside1

On Ravelry, when you "cast on" a new project, you get to give it a fun name. When I cast on my "Whisper Cardigan" from the spring issue of Interweave Knits, I decided to call it "Inside Voices". Oh how I wish inside voices were used more often around here, LOL.

I originally bought a copy of this magazine for the cover project, but as I flipped through it, the Whisper Cardigan really caught my attention. I am by no means a professional knitter. I have been knitting for less then two years. So, when I say, this has cool construction, that maybe because I am a newbie, more avid knitters probably knit things up like this all the time. Anywho... you knit a long tube for the sleeves, then pick up the neckline, and then knit down the back. I love love love these kinds of summer sweaters.

I picked Gloss Lace yarn from Knit Picks in the color Raisin. Total, I used 2 skeins which made this sweater less then $10 to knit. How cool is that?!?

Unfortunately though... it took me two months to finish this... and I think the arms are different lengths. And somehow, when I blocked it, the back got longer and now the sides don't hang longer than the back like it should. And one side of the front is longer than the other... which shouldn't even be possible, because I knit it back and forth across the back!! How can one side be longer if you go back and forth?!? I tried blocking it and it got HUGE. I left it on a chair in the living room over night and when I came down the next morning, it was back to the starting size (because I hadn't pinned it in place to dry). Maybe if I block it again, I can get things to even out a bit.

Part of me thinks I should just embrace the new asymmetricalness of this breezey summer top. I am an artist, right? I can rock whatever I want, and if I want the sides of my sweaters longer on one side then the other, so be it. Who cares? LOL. Oh, and I am finding trying to get a picture of myself wearing things with my new camera to be quite the challenge, lol.

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TesoriTrovati said...

You so totally rock it Kerry! I wish that I had the patience to do something like that...but my mind doesn't work so logically. I will have to send my friend Sarah over here because she is a master knitter and would love to read about your projects! I love to see what other creatives are up to! Thanks for the inspiration...Enjoy the day! Erin