Monday, August 03, 2009

Weekend Review

Oh what a full weekend I had.

kelley & kerry

First... my time with Kelley. We get so little time together and I just want to eat her up every minute she is near. There is a freedom to be myself around her that I rarely truly feel. She knows every stinking little thing about me and loves me anyway. That rocks. She is the kind of friend that will tell ya to tighten your bra straps because your girls are hanging too low... and the kind that will run out and buy a different color hair dye when you mess up your color chunks (more on that in a minute)... and the kind that makes sure you are happy, because that is all that matters to her. We had such an awesome time... and such a large amount of booze. My stars! I haven't drank beers two nights in a row and as long as I can remember. HA! But hey, I still did my run Friday morning, with a hang over, thankyouverymuch.

Pink streaks. Yeah, I streaked my hair, just a little. I have been wanting to do it for months now, but my sister refused to help. Told me I wasn't cool enough for pink streaks... that I didn't have the right "life style" or wardrobe to support a color chunk in my hair. Hello? Glass artist that work with wild colors all the time... gimme the dang color streak. Of course, Kelley agreed with me 100% and helped me pick out which brand of bleach and color to buy.

pink streaks

See why I love her. Our visit was over before I knew it. And I swallowed really really hard several times not to burst into tears when she left. Hopefully I get to see her again soon. H.o.p.e.f.u.l.l.y.

As soon as Kelley pulled out of the driveway, Andrew and I pulled out too for a special birthday adventure.

herkimer diamond mines 4

A few months back on a drive to Albany, I mentioned to Andrew as we passed Herkimer NY on the thruway that there is a diamond mine in Herkimer. The Herkimer Diamond Mines to be exact. And I had been there. Instantly it was all he could talk about wanting to do since April. We made plans to go with his good friend, Matt, this weekend. So even though I wished I could be with Kelley longer, while nursing a 4 alarm headache and urge to puke, I threw Andrew and Matt in the car and the three of us drove the 5 hours round trip to dig in a pile of rocks. They had a blast. And yes, we found ourselves some very pretty and sparkling Herkimer Diamonds.

herkimer diamond mines 2

Click on this photo and it will take you to Flickr where you can see a note on the image showing one of the diamonds we found.

I was so beat by Saturday night but, stayed up editing photos and emailing all the Lickety Split Round 2 beaders. Can you believe I have made over 50 discs in the past couple of weeks?!? FIFTY! I am going to close the orders as of next week. So you still have a chance to order. Send me an email!! Round two beads are already in the mail heading to their homes. *sigh*

Sunday was another full day around here. Lots of working on the yard by Ron, while I made more beads and worked on laundry. Oh, and we took the kids school clothes shopping too. AND, I had fun after dinner making some felt beads. I wrote a post for Watch Me Create about it. I will let y'all know when it is posted.

felting beads 1

See... a full weekend indeed.

What did you do this weekend?


TesoriTrovati said...

There is such joy on both of your faces....I love it when a friend makes you radiate such happiness.
Looks like a really fun filled weekend. And I am looking forward to reading about your Watch Me Create about felt. I have to buy my felt balls because I am not that ambitious nor talented! But I love the process! Enjoy the day! Erin
P.S. Get your Lickety Split before it's too late! Kerry surprised me with the most fabulous colors! They are so very fun and funky and yes, you are cool enough to pull off any hair style you want! *wink*

Anonymous said...

Love the hair, and it's YOU.


Ellen said...

There is absolutely no replacement for a best girlfriend.
Who else is going to do a "booger check?"

Christine Damm said...

You are wonderful to share so fully your fabulous relationship with Kelley! It brought tears to my eyes! You ARE certainly--without a doubt-- COOL enough to have a pink streak! You reminded me that the people you want around you are the ones that say "YES" to fun instead of the ones that are always telling you "CAN'T"!

mairedodd said...

whole blog is so awesome... and there is something so special about that friend who can make you feel lighter than air... love your hair & you are most definitely cool enough - somehow people think being a mom just wipes away any shot you have! if you go to my flickr acct, you will see what i do to my daughter's hair! it's fun... the best way to make it last, wash your hair less... it's true... and good for your hair...

Jenny J. said...

I had a great weekend, too, but not with one of my best girls! I know how wonderful it can be!!

Cindy said...

I just don't know how you squeezed all of this in over the weekend..special time with Kelley, diamond hunting, hair streaking, book editing, bead making and felting! Sounds like it was so much fun. I'm glad to hear it! :-)

Anonymous said...

K-So glad you had such a wonderful time and that she was able to come sooner rather than later. Just what you needed in these long summer days. It looks like Andrew had a blast and I'm sure he'll be telling us all about it soon. And Jacob can tell us all about football, too! :) Missing you all and looking forward to our camping trip!