Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Round

lickety split super quick

The third round of Lickety Split Super Quick Ring beads are out in the mail, making their ways to their new homes. I decided it is time to call LAST ROUND for orders on these guys. I have made over 100 of them since opening orders up a few weeks back and now it is time to move onto something else. As I told someone yesterday... there will never be any new and fabulous beads if I am always making discs, right?

Taking these semi-custom orders did teach me some things though. I have said countless times how I hate taking orders. I am a brat of an artist at times and just wanna do what I wanna do, but doing this, with boundaries, really helped my attitude. It is an attitude I am going to need to continue to work on, since I am now planning on teaching in 2010. Teaching means kits... kits mean lots of the same beads... hopefully, I can keep it fun, fresh, and one-of-a-kind. I am getting a little ahead of myself. We have several months until my first MAJOR teaching experience... we will stress, worry, complain, and stress some more about that when it gets closer (are you prepared to encourage me through it?).

Anyway... it's official... LAST ROUND!! Get me your orders by FRIDAY!! If you need a reminder about the rules for ordering, check out this post HERE. The beads will be in the mail next Friday the 21st and then it is on to new things 'round here. I have big plans for the studio and cool new jewelry ideas I am working out.

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Eileen said...

excited to see the next new thing kerry...hope i can attend one of those classes you have planned for next year...