Thursday, August 06, 2009

Browsing Over Morning Coffee

101 wire earrings
Yesterday was such a nutty day. Just plain hectic and hectic doesn't sit well with me. I am happier in a lazy day. Well, lazy sometimes... I am really really happy in a day that flies by while doing something I love. But then, aren't we all. Thankfully, today isn't an over scheduled day like yesterday. I do have a few must-get-done things, but other then that, the day is open. I started it at the dining room table, with coffee in my favorite mug, and a fresh copy of 101 Wire Earrings.

It was released to bookstore shelves on Aug 1st and I have been stalking the Barnes & Noble website waiting for it to read "In Stock" for my zip code. Why didn't I just pre-order it? There is just something about walking into an honest to goodness bookstore and seeing it there on the shelf with all the other books. You might remember my reaction this time last year when I discovered Wire Style by accident. This time, I had Lauren and Andrew with me to help find it. Lucky for us, there was one still in stock.

As an aside, I must say, strange things are happening at my local B&N stores. I went to the one in my town and one just one town over (Rochester has several of them) and the "craft" section where the jewelry books are held has gotten very. very. small. Where I used to see 4-5 copies of a book, I am only seeing 1-2. And where there used to be 6 shelves for jewelry, there are now only 3. Anyone else seeing this? Is it just a sign of the times? Hmmmm...

Anyway, I am babbling. What I really wanted to talk about today is the earring deliciousness that is ooozing out of this book. Over my morning coffee, I went page by page checking out all 101 earrings. Denise has really out done herself, the inspiration in here is FANTASTIC. If I am totally honest, although I am a contributor (seven designs in the book are mine), I really struggle with making earrings. There have actually been shows where I didn't make a single pair to sell. I like earrings to be unique and sometimes unique earrings ideas can be hard to come by. I think this book is exactly what everyone needs to keep the 'unique' ideas flowing. There are just so many possibilities that can come from these examples. You can make one of the pairs in the book... totally love them... and then think "what if I do this..." or "what if I do that...". Now do that for every pair in the book and you are going to have hundreds of designs to make.

*sigh* earrings

Actually, I have an earring challenge coming up. Next week is my friend Lindsey's birthday. We always exchange handmade gifts (remember her birthday is my half birthday and thus, vice versa) and this year, she requested some handmade earrings to add to her collection. With this book now in my hands to spur on new ideas... I think I can handle that.


Pretty Things said...

I love making earrings. When I get stuck with everything else, I make earrings. I kid you not, I usually have 200-300 pairs made at any given time, and I can usually count on making my booth fee at craft shows with earrings.

I'm looking forward to seeing the book. Usually the first day of school, right after I drop off Zack, I immediately head over the bridge to the closest B&N (45 miles!) and just browse and browse.

TesoriTrovati said...

I have been in full desire mode for this book ever since Heather went bonkers and made some fabulous earrings inspired by it!
But I just recently bought a couple of books at B&N (and yes, the craft section has dwindled) so I am having trouble justifying it when I can't even find the time to read or page through those two, which is funny for me because I have no filters when it comes to buying things I want, especially books! I like to make earrings, but of late I am over due on so many things I either have to or want to complete that these have fallen to the wayside. And since I insist on never making the exact same thing twice, this book would give me much inspiration! Congrats to you on being a contributor. That is too cool to be in a book and you have several now, right?
Enjoy the day!

Eileen said...

since i started playing with wire recently, thanks to you kerry and a few others, i did get this book...i'm so glad i did!!!...i have already made 5 pair of earrings and ready to make me it's like knitting hats, i can start and finish in no time at all...i like projects like that...quick, easy and very beautiful...

thanks kerry, for your inspiration...

Cindy said...

Can't wait to see this book either. Yes, I noticed too that the jewelry section at B&N IS definitely smaller! And less copies of each book. I need this book because I dread making earrings!!! This book will be the jumpstart of inspiration I need!

sandi said...

Ditto for Borders - their jewelry section is about 2 shelves and none of the more recent publications are to be found. There appears to be more shelf space for the growing number of knitting and crochet books. Perhaps too much competition from amazon?
Congrats on all your submissions - I'll be on my way to getting the new earring book - can't wait!