Tuesday, August 04, 2009

That's Manager Not Mom

And so it begins again... football.

football first night

Yep, Jacob started another season of football last night. And this year, I actually have a title! I am the "Team Manager", not "Team Mom", lol. Which basically means, I send emails to the team when coach asks, and I hand out paperwork at practices, and I make sure the coaches get a cool gift at the end of the season, lol.

For those of you without pre-teen boys that play football, lemme tell ya a little about what these kids do. First of all, Jacob, although he is only 11 years old and 105 pounds, he has been moved up to A-Team. (teams are divided by age into A, B, and C teams) Technically, he could have stays on B another year, but coach wants him up on A. From now until early November, these boys will be practicing 4 nights a week (and parents will be cooking dinner at 4:30 in the afternoon, lol), they will be having 5 hour scrimmages on Saturdays starting in two weeks (where parents will stand in the full sun of open fields and watch kids bash into each other without the benefit of cheering for a touchdown), and once school begins, they go down to 3 nights a week of practice, plus Saturday practices, and then Sunday games.

It is really hard work and Jacob wouldn't trade a minute of it for another thing. He loves it. Don't worry though... I promise not to blog about football too much. ;) only when they win.


Nonie said...

Ahhh..I remember this fondly. Every year around this time one of my 3 brothers would go to football camp. My Mom was the secretary of the quarterback club for 25 yrs. Even after all my brothers were out of football she carried on. She loved it sooo much. Go Red Raiders!!! LOL Have a blast Jacob!

Eileen said...

yep...fall is around the corner...we were in the lacrosse family bigtime...have fun with it kerry...it's great for the kids to know mom/dad are involved...

Jane Haag said...

I hear ya! I have 2 more weeks of summer before all 3 hit it full swing!

Michele H said...


Congrats on the promotion! ;-)