Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wooly Blend

wooly blend

In the midst of another day playing my role as referee to my wild children, I was able to hide out in the freshly cleaned studio for just a bit. While I was working on the last of the Lickety Split Orders last week, I made myself a few beads too. I didn't have anything specific in mind for them. I was just playing around... passing the time... trying not to go nuts making 30 discs in a row. I made a few hollows in my favorite shades of blue.

When I set everything down on my desk, I just started pulling things from here and there trying to make it work. The colors are a classic KABs combo... ink purple, turquoise, lime and periwinkle. OH, I almost forgot... remember when I shared photos of my felted bead experiment? As I was surfing my favorite blogs and found that the felting guru, Betz White, was offering up mixed bags of felted balls. I picked some up. Why you might ask, when I obviously could make them myself... her colors are great! and I wanted to see some "real" felt balls in action to know if I was doing things "right". Now I know I am, and I have a great variety to work with.

Anywho... I just started pulling things together. Some scrap wire from here, some beads from there... and in no time... TADA... "Wooly Blend" was made. It has been quite literally WEEKS since I have made anything and I am not really sure what to think. I like the mixed up jumblingness of this piece and the mix of textures, but at the same time, I think something might be missing.

wooly blend worn

Excuse the puffy eyes and overall tire expression I am sporting in this pic. I told ya the kids are wearing on me. This was the best I could do, LOL! I would love some feedback on this. (the jewelry, not my puffy eyes, lol) Should I simplify things a bit? Is there too much going on? Is it fine the way it is? Comments people, leave them.


Yvette said...

Hi Karen,

Love the necklace but for me I think I would work on the silver spring that holds the blue chain. Personally I think it hangs down too far. But I love the colours and the mix of felt with the glass. So much texture and shape going on.

Really like your workshop/studio space. Do you think that you get frustrated if it wasn't based at home because at least now you can pop into your studio at any given moment day or evening....?

Kerry said...

Thanks for the feedback Yvette. (btw, it's Kerry, not Karen :)

Hmmm... would I be frustrated not being able to pop into the studio at any given moment? Hmmmm... maybe. What I think would happen would be that I would keep the home studio and set up a second studio. So I would still be able to work a home if need be, but I would have an escape during the long winter months to a studio outside the house.

TesoriTrovati said...

That is quintessentiallly Kerry! I love it. The colors and mix of textures is awesome. But I would agree that it hangs too low. I think more of a choker style would work...or how about as a bracelet, with some optional chain to attach in the back and make it into a presto change-o necklace!? Great ideas! Enjoy the day! Erin
P.S. Me with the puffy eyes too! But I am not brave enough to share that!

Yvette said...

OOppps really sorry there Kerry, I knew it was Kerry not sure what made me write Karen.....

jeanniesbeads said...

I love how you put colors together - and your jewelry is always totally cool.

rosebud101 said...

That's a great necklace, Kerry!

sandi said...

I know there is a trend mixing felt and beads, but IMHO the felt takes away from the beauty and value of the glass beads - and your beads are always soooo beautiful, they don't need 'fabric' mixed in.

For this piece, yes, shorter and maybe add some sort of dangling pendant?

Lori Michaud said...

Hi, Kerry. I disagree. I think it needs to be a bit longer. I think at least another inch to inch of chain on either side would be great. I think the top beads on the chain are hitting at a slightly awkward spot. I say this, as I have a necklace I love, but needs to be restrung (for 3 years now - it'll get done some day) because it hits at just the same spot. It makes them seem to almost come out of the side of the neck. Love the colors and the whimsy of the necklace!

Alice said...

Puffy eyes and tired look--that's me all the time!

I agree with Lori that it should be a little longer. Also, the blue chain/silver spring seems to be out of place, cutting into that natural curve of the necklace. It's a sweet component though, and could be used to lengthen the piece.

I love the vibrant colors and variety of textures!

Cindyw said...

Hi Kerry
Somehow I left my comment on your flickr photo! What a visually interesting great KABS colors!
Hope you have a great day with those "wild" kids! :-) We just got back from PA celebrating Chandler's b-day there.

Jennifer Cameron said...

I think I agree that it needs to be longer. The beads at the sides of your neck look very awkward-partly due to size, I think. It's a very cool necklace and I love how you mixed it up.