Friday, July 09, 2010

Bead Fest Philly Update

Bead Fest Philadelphia is just a little over a month away and I WANT MORE STUDENTS, dang it!! I have been watching my class stats for months, seeing spots fill here and there, but there is still room for more. The workshops at this show are taking place August 18-22 with all my classes happening in one day long wire twisting marathon on August 19th.

In case you missed the post earlier, here are the class details:
(to view classes on the Bead Fest Registration page click "Thursday August 19th", then "Wire and Beads", then "Kerry Bogert")

Framed: (9am-12pm)

Framed Class

Timeless: (1pm-4pm)

Timeless Class

Bang Gals: (5pm-8pm)

Bang Gals Class

If you are on the fence about coming to the show and signing up for a class, let me just tell you, it is an experience you won't soon forget. I promise you, you will leave with more inspiration than you'll be able to handle. It is just impossible to describe the kind of magic that happens at these big bead shows. It is awesome.

I hope to see you there!!


kristin lee said...


I would sign up for your classes in a heart beat if I didn't live so far away.

Kristin (in Seattle)

Copper Diem said...

Me too -- Amy (in a far flung suburb of Los Angeles)