Monday, July 19, 2010

Cliche Monday

solitary moments

:: It is going to be one of those Mondays... the cliche kind where everything goes hay wire.
:: My website is down until further notice. Ugh. Waiting to hear if my web designer has time to check every file on my site to ensure it belongs there.
:: At least my blog is still here!!
:: Heard a sound like something falling down the stairs at 3am, still haven't figured out what it was.
:: Cooking week is under way with Jacob planning a steak dinner for tomorrow!

Andrew at camp

:: Summer camps finished up for the boys last week. Andrew loved Exhibit Design camp!
:: Mirrors are cool.
:: Excited to be taking Stephanie Lee's Homestead Metalsmithing e-course. It'll be like summer camp for Mom!
:: Sometimes I wish I had a fancier cell phone. *sigh*
:: It is getting rather gray out... wonder if we are in for a shower?

natural shapes

:: Home grown broccoli, anyone? It is delish!
:: Been eating cucumbers like they are apples. The cucumbers are very plentiful this year.
:: Thinking the boys need a mini farm stand in the front yard to earn pocket change and share our garden goodies with passers by.
:: Loved this quote sent by a friend after Friday's post... "Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes, courage is the little voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.'"
:: Here is to tomorrow...


Christine said...

Your son is beautiful, Kerry.

And I am having "a Monday" too. Ugh.
So, here's to tomorrow! Cheers!

Gardanne said...

I'm taking Stephanie's class too, can't wait.

Brandi said...

*whimper* I'm so bummed I didn't know about Stephanie's class - I'm dying to brush up on my metalsmithing techniques...

Big hugs to you - I hope your Monday gets better.

Jackie said...

I'm taking Stephanie's class too- so excited, though a complete newbie at working with metal. That courage quote is none of my favorites! Hope this week is going better!