Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hello July

hello july
Hello July,

It has been a while, July. What? Like a whole year since the last time we visited, right? I hate to say it, but I have to be honest with you. You aren't my favorite month. In fact, you might possibly be my least favorite month. With your heat and humidity and endless sun, boredom ensues so easily 'round here. You lend yourself to whining and sleeping with the fan on and mosquito bites and bickering siblings and faded hair color. Not this year though. This summer, together, we can change things. It won't be easy, I doubt you are going to compromise that much. And like it has been in all the other areas of my life, I am going to have to be the one to embrace refinement. That's what we do in our day to day isn't it? Refine it. Mold it. Make it what we want it to be. It used to be that I would blame others for what is wrong with my life and expect them to change. But now I know that I need to look at me first. You are lucky there, July. I am not completely blaming you for what is wrong with summer. My attitude is part of the problem.

Here is what I am thinking should happen, Mr. Month. We need to lighten up and laugh a little more. We need to wear our hair in big tails and we need to have more tea parties and teach the kids to cross their eyes. We need to acknowledge that a lack of structure, though it sounds tempting, doesn't work for us. We need activities, we need a plan of attack, I mean, fun. Let's turn the TV off and turn the radio up. Let's have backyard picnics and take naps under the maple tree or watch clouds float by. I promise to say YES! more and no less. I'll let go of expectations if you will give me a rainy day here or there, please. We can squirt water guns and color on the side walk more. We can disconnect more from technology and connect to each other and our hearts.

Seriously, I don't think you realize just what a commitment this will be for me. It goes against my grain to think that summer has possibilities. I know I sound like a baby, but at least I am willing to try. Right? It's just you and me, July, for the next 31 days. Here is hoping we can find a way to get along.

Yours Truly,


Cindy said...

Aw, love this post, Kerry! You are a fabulous writer. I know you and the summer months seem to have a bad relationship...but you're right, it's all in the attitude (and ignoring that heat!). Have fun reconnecting! I hope to let technology take a back seat as well...the kids don't seem to have the same plans though, so yesterday I got supplies at the craft store!...oh, and while I was there, Gabriel said excitedly, "There's Kerry's book!!!" :-)

Christine said...

July is just FULL of fun possibilities!

(that's my positive spin on everything lately! FULL of fun possibilities!)


Allison The Imp said...

We are starting July right in our household. Fried chicken and bubble blowing.

hello gorgeous said...

yaaay! fun, fun, fun...that's what we all need, hope it won't be too overhelming for July when we all ask for it?

hope yours has started already! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Alice said...

I wish I could latch on to some of that enthusiasm for July. It ties with January as my least favorite month...all because of the weather.

You have a great way with words, and though I enjoyed your post I will not follow suit in making any pacts with July.

Shaiha said...

Well if you want to avoid the sun and all, just come to the Seattle area. We still haven't found summer yet this year.

And I have to admit that July is my favorite month. Except for the 4th that is. I have dogs that are still freaking out over the fireworks.