Monday, November 15, 2010

Because Orange Is A Rockin' Color

toe up

:: I started this toe-up hand knit sock last Tuesday and I finished it last night, time to start the second sock.
:: Orange is an awesome color, my sister's favorite color.
:: My sister turns 30 this weekend! Happy Early Birthday, Sister!!
:: I spent some time on the torch this weekend and I wasn't working with orange, maybe I will today.
:: Looking out the living room window, I think the neighbor's house looks orange today, even though I know it is a dark yellow.

big field walk 3

:: I took the kids on a walk to Big Field last Thursday when they were off from school, some orange leaves are still clinging to the trees.
:: It was an Indian summer weekend, weather wise, and I hung the Christmas lights on the house. (Better to do it in nice weather than when your finger's might pop off they are so frozen.)
:: I also toured a studio this weekend that I am considering renting. Lots of positives! (a couple of negatives) It is a tough decision.
:: If I didn't have a million green peppers left from the last of the garden harvest, I would go to the store and buy an orange pepper to make stuffed peppers for dinner tonight. If only I could have left those of ours on the vine a little longer, they woulda turned orange... or red, at least.

picture fall day 24 :: family matters

:: This is my favorite photo from the walk last week and it was taken in the exact same spot as this photo back in June.
:: There are more photos from our walk in my photostream, if you are so inclined to look.
:: My coffee to creamer ratio is a bit off this morning. The inside of my mouth is feeling sticky sweet.
:: I wish I had a bag of oranges for breakfast today... I would bake the peels in the oven and smell the house up nice.
:: Alas, oranges, I have not, and they wouldn't go with my peppermint mocha creamer anyway.


Christine said...

Mmmm...peppermint mocha creamer!

I LOVE orange! It's my favorite! What a fabulous color, and so much fun to wear. Happy birthday to your sister, and I am glad you had a good weekend!

I'm interested to hear about your potential new studio...sounds fun!

mairedodd said...

orange is my son's favorite color... has been since he was very small... have fun at the torch - love the sock!
that orange peel idea is a nice one - didn't know that... i like to put mulling spices in water and just simmer it for a while...

Spirited Earth said...

orange is such a happy color.
love this sock..
happy birthday to your sister.

TesoriTrovati said...

I have oranges. Two bags! And that reminds me that I neglected to spirit some oranges out of the house for a snack today.

If you love orange, and twisted wire (I know you do!) you need to pop over to my blog today, Kerry. I made a necklace channeling all my totally twisted skills last night - oops! - early this morning. Wearing it right now and it is called "Hunter's Moon" with loads of orange. I am no longer afraid of this color thanks to you!

Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

May you NOT have SSS (second sock syndrome, but may you LOVE the way they fit! :)

Krista said...

Yay! A post about one of my favorite happy colors and my favorite time of year. Thanks for the smile.

Jen V. said...

Go Orange!!! Always my fave!!!

Cindy said...

Happy early Birthday to Bonnie...can't believe she'll be turning 30!! Any special plans?
I love your family that all of the kids are together - gotta frame this one!
I had to laugh about Lindsey's comment - SSS. I feel that way about making earring, that's why I never make them!

Copper Diem said...

i love orange! those socks look awesome!