Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Ray Of Sunshine

ray of sunshine
ray of sunshine 2

We woke to a positively beautiful day this morning. The sun is shining, and it is expected to reach temps in the 60s. With the kids home for Veteran's Day, I have plans to get us out in the sun to soak up as much of that yummy natural vitamin D as we can. Before we do that though, Momma had to get some "work" done. After I cleaned these "The Eyes Have It" beads for kits ordered a few weeks ago, I was about to take them down to the studio for a quick photo shoot when I noticed a lovely ray of sunshine coming through the window of our front door on to the dining room table. Today being what it is, I lined up the beads like good little soldiers and started snapping away. This is one of those times that I wish I knew my camera settings better. I love how the photos turned out, don't get me wrong, but there is a magical glow that happens while sitting in a ray of sunshine that the camera lens looses. I wish I knew better how to catch that glow without completely over exposing the shot. *sigh* I am still learning though, and that is okay. All these little beadies are going to be wrapped and pack and sent on their merry ways to new homes all around the country. Not until tomorrow though, I forgot the post office is closed today!!

And a HUGE thank you for the wonderful compliments on yesterday's post for Jacob. I let him read it last night to which he said and I quote "that was really nice of you Mom."  He read all your comments too and says thanks. And apparently, now that he is thirteen, he thinks he can sleep until 10am and have chocolate cake for breakfast. Nice.

thirteen 5


mairedodd said...

have fun today -
and,hey, bill cosby says that as long as you have grapefruit juice with that cake you have a lot of food groups covered! (though i think that having a glass of milk with cake to welcome in your first 13 yr. old morning sounds fine)...

Copper Diem said...

gorgeous beads!

Janet said...

Ohhh thats funny thats the first thing I thought of was they looked like rows of Soldiers! Wonderful days for you Kerry! Lovely post too ox