Friday, November 19, 2010

Brought By The Breeze

brought by the breeze 1
brought by the breeze 3

That weather system that blew through here with its blustering winds brought some new jewelry with it. I have had spirals on the brain lately and decided to give my stringer work over to the almighty swirl. I can't begin to tell you how incredibly meditative it can be to sit at a flame melting fine strands of glass into flowing coils on the surface of a bead. *sigh* I made a dozen and a half hollows with just such a decoration and wired them into this pretty new Fall inspired necklace. I love it. There are several new colors of glass that I hadn't previously had the pleasure of working with found in this piece. The rusted red orange color is called Hawaiian Clay, and there is some CiM Plum and Transparent brown in there too. Add that pop of minty grasshopper green and I think you would be pretty hard pressed to find a more quintessential Fall color combo.

I think I have lost my jewelry making mind because... well, I actually can't get earrings off my mind either. You know me, I usually detest earrings. But, today, I love them. I dove into some new techniques and etched the metal for the first time this morning. I swirled the metal too... and that metal is sterling, in case you are wondering. I cut, cleaned, designed on, etched, cleaned, cut, patina-ed, and cleaned again to make those swirly little discs. Aren't they sweet? With those two little persimmon glass headpins, I dare say this makes a delightful set. Just different enough to hold their own, and similar enough not to fight each other for your attention. I like it when pieces play so nice together :)

You should be seeing lots of new pieces of jewelry in the next two weeks. Francie at JOOLZ asked me to stop by the shop for a trunk show on Friday December 3rd from 4-7pm during the annual Holiday Artwalk. The artist she had slated for the evening canceled last minute... and I am very happy to fill in. If you are local, I would love to see you in Canandaigua that night!!

Until then, I can't wait to see what else the breeze brings this way. 

breeze brought earrings
breeze duo


Kerry said...

ps... can you tell i was breaking out in hives from the LOS i used to oxidize the wire?!? *my stars*

SueBeads said...

Really loving them!

Christine said...

Those are pretty darn spectacular. I love that necklace....didn't notice any hive action, either. :)

Wish I could be in Canandaigua... :(
I know, me and my excuses. LOL!

For My Sweet Daughter said...

I love them both. I had seen the earrings on facebook without the colored wire and I love them with it. Adds a touch of color in just the right way!

Anonymous said...

LOVE those colors!
Kim (Texas)

Anonymous said...

LOVE those colors!
Kim (Texas)

samsmom said...

That is my MOST favorite color combo ever. I have lurked on your blog and site for ages and couldn't resist commenting on these. BEAUTIFUL.

Cindy said...

Gorgeous, Kerry! Glad to see you and swirls are friends once again. I think my favorite bead is that orangy one right up front with the swirls melted in. I love the hefty size of the beads as well as the length of the necklace - the way it sits looks just right! Good luck preparing for your upcoming show. See, I just knew something would come up out of the blue!

Kerry said...

thanks so so much everyone!!

samsmom - welcome and feel free to comment any time!

Laura Twiford said...

Cloudy with a chance of jewelry? hey... it could happen! I lovbe the earrings, didn't notice any hives best of luck of your trunk show!

Rebecca said...

I of course love the earrings but I *LOVE* the necklace! Your beads are just too stunning.

Alice said...

Beautiful beads! You must have a very steady hand to make those perfect swirls. The colors are just gorgeous!

Love the earrings too. I've been on an earring kick lately. I don't know why they're so much fun to make--but they are.

quiltingjewel39 said...

The necklace and earrings are beautiful - the colors are so rich. I am behind in post reading but you mentioned homemade salted carmel hot chocolate - where did you find the recipe. It sounded great!!