Monday, November 29, 2010

A Bit Of This And That

bauble necklace 1

:: these pieces are called "bauble", "ball bin", and "popularity", respectfully
:: beads for a black and white version on "bauble" are soaking in the kiln as we speak
:: looking forward to the trunk show at JOOLZ on friday from 4-7pm, who's coming?!?
:: maybe the twinkle lights at the the trunk show will boost my holiday cheer, it is rather lacking so far this year
:: i want some snow, dang it... said in my most whiniest of voices

ball bin necklace 1

:: hubby couldn't sleep black friday morning and decided to see what goodies could still be had at 5am...
:: i have a new laptop! and windows 7 is intersting, hmmmm
:: said laptop does not yet have photoshop on it, so pictures maybe lacking for a while
:: where the heck did i put that photoshop disc?
:: decided i don't like the l.e.d. lights i bought for the house, i am taking them down this afternoon and going back to the classic ones... they have a prettier glow

popularity pendant


TesoriTrovati said...

Oh, Miss Kerry! You slay me with your color palettes and you are the reason that I took color on as my personal goal this year. I think that you helped me succeed, no?

We finished decorating the front porch. Last year we moved in on Dec 1st so didn't decorate. This year we decided... it is a forest of 7 trees on the front porch all a bling with tiny white lights. So pretty! I will have to take a picture or two.

Enjoy the day!

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous......what gorgeous-ness you have created....and VERY tactile {viewed by my eyes only through the screen but nevertheless, I CAN feel them all the same!} :o)

You want, have some of mine....we have snow, too much for this time of year...well actually we never have ANY this time of year so any is too much!! ;o) {don't worry about how MUCH you take, I'm not bothered if I wake up and find it's ALL GONE!}

I can't wait for the prettiness to begin...altho' I only pretty-fy the two trees these days....will wait with bated breath for picks of your lovely prettiness....


hello gorgeous xxx

Cindy said...

Wow!!! I love these colors SO much...especially that new khaki green shade in the first necklace. So bright, colorful, attention-getting and fun!
Randy was out early on Friday as well... can you believe some places opened as early as 3:30 a.m. this year? Just shortly after I went to bed. :-)
Good luck preparing for the open house at Joolz on'll have fun once you're there!

Moags and Smeet said...

Very fresh and funky!

Alice said...

Pretty, pretty! Like little pieces of handmade candy--the kind I used to get as a kid when the Christmas Play was over at church. Only they were red and white....


I'm betting the people in the North would love to send some snow your way.