Thursday, May 12, 2011

Art Therapy

art therapy 1
art therapy 2
art therapy 3
art therapy 4
art therapy 5
art therapy 6
art therapy 7
art therapy 8
art therapy 9


Shirley said...

Wow, there are so many things I love about these pics. The saturated colors, the feeling of peace and release, and of course, listening to your heart. Thanks, I needed that!

Azure Islands Designs said...

I've been turning to is helping me relax, have quiet time.

Your "art therapy" is great, the colors are amazing!

Jane Perala said...

Fun paintings! I remember many years ago doing that on the front of t-shirts - then adding trails of black. I love to see the designs that emerge.

Cindy said...

I love vibrant bright colors, you do it well.

TesoriTrovati said...

Beautiful. Just soothing and raw and beautiful. Both the pages and you. Enjoy the day!

Catherine Denton said...

Those words are soothing. And I love seeing your process.
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hello gorgeous said...

LOVE this post, no words needed....except what's on the page! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

CIndy Wimmer said...

Kerry, the paintings in your art journal are so vibrant and pretty! I really like the purple/red mix.
Just today in Nathaniel's 2-year old art class, the kids worked with watercolors - crayon resist, salt, textures, it was fun for the Moms too!
How you take such great self-timer shots is a mystery.

Linda Landig said...

Wow, I just loved this post. The rich saturated colors reflect the vibrancy in your heart that knows where to lead you.

stacie said...

This is exactly what I did today...watercolors are really calling to me lately...pretty work!

Kathleen said...

so pretty. the pages are amazing. i love expressing myself in my sketch book with both words and painting.

kathleen xx