Wednesday, May 25, 2011

...and then, we had raspberry colored couches.

living rm 1
living rm 2

If you have followed my blog for a while, you might remember a rant of a post from a few years ago called "Couch Shopping Sucks". I just reread that post this morning and oh yea, it was spot on. I have spent nearly 3 years with the brown couch we settled on. In that time, with a heavy sigh, I accepted it, dealt with it, and made a pretty room around it. But then...

Last week, I was browsing the estate sale listing (they post photos of what will be at the sale) and I noticed some interesting looking couches in a somewhat blurry photo at an upcoming sale. I showed them to Ron and he replied with a shrug. I decided to send an email and ask about the cost. I didn't really think I would get a reply. Dealers aren't known for giving out info before the sale is actually on, but this one did. Turned out that the couches in the photos were Laz-y-Boy... and leather... and in good condition... and a wonderful shade of raspberry... and kinda more than I wanted to spend. I had thought they might be for sale separately and maybe one could come with me to the studio. *sigh* But, I recognize that there are more important things going on at the moment (hello painting the house soon) and I settled on letting them go though. In fact, I didn't even plan on going to the sale at all... but Ron did.

Yep, Ron went to the first day of the sale. Most estate sales in NY run two days. The first day you have to arrive at the butt crack of dawn stand in line to get a temporary number, then wait for the temporary numbers to be exchanged for real number, and then wait for the sale to actually open. Mom does that all.the.time. That don't fly with me though! I like to wait until an hour or so after the sale starts, when the masses have ebbed a bit, and if what I want it there, so be it. Ron likes to go to the sales during his lunch break. And that is just what he did last Wednesday. While there, he confirmed that the everything at the sale was over priced, but yeah the couches were nice, but not for that cost. Maybe if they were still around the second day.

The second day of estate sales here are awesome because most sellers go to half price on everything that is left. I was convinced the cool raspberry couches would have been snatched up bright and early. So, I set about to going on with my day. I get a call from Ron in the early afternoon and it would seem he couldn't get those couches off his mind either. He persuaded me to run over to the sale and check them out... and I did... and they were still there... and they were half price... and then we had raspberry colored couches. Not for the studio though... for our living room!

If you follow me on Twitter or are my friend on Facebook, you probably already know that I spent the entire day on Friday rearranging furniture. You can check out photos of the arranging process in my Flickr photostream. There was the before shot with everything still in the room, and then the mid-room rearrange shot where the old couch was there but I was finally getting settled on the placement of things. I finally settled on the furniture placement you see in the photos here. We are blessed with a large family/living room but it can be a challenge arrangement wise. I am happy with how things are settling in. The kids love the couches and were so excited to sleep out in the living room on Friday night. Jacob said he had the best Saturday ever spending the entire afternoon lounging in leathery comfort watching The Office on Netflix all afternoon.

The old brown couch ended up finding a new home in my studio. Yesterday, I took a break from torching to sit on said old brown couch to read and eat my lunch. Lemme tell ya, it wasn't a bad break. Now, if I can ever finish all the writing I need to do, I plan to make boat loads of wonderfully colorful throw pillows for all the couches, living room and studio ones. To get to that point though... I gotta get my butt in writing gear.

Are any of your living rooms sporting colorful couches? I would LOVE to hear about them!!

living rm 3
living rm 4


Janet said...

Arent they so lovely?! I love them and I share your Joy! What blessings! My couch is a beautiful striped Orangey~Rose coloured stuffed with down. Lovely but you sure do sink into it! So we use the rust coloured one which is timeless in its design and beauty out yonder in the other living room. Will you be painting the living room now? The room looks so lovely Kerry!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Love the raspberry couches...and the arrangement is perfect!!!

The whole room is wonderful with all the natural light that streams in...
I'd say you were meant to have raspberry couches...enjoy!

barbara bechtel said...

our couch is bright red leather....not in great shape but we bought it when we needed a couch and our local Salvation Army was closing.

Our local favorite estate sale person has 3 days. If she likes you, you can sign up for her super secret invitation preview on Thursdays..where prices are normal but you get first pick. Then by Saturday, when it's real slim pickins', she basically gives stuff away. I love her! It works out for me since the stuff I gravitate towards is usually not the stuff everyone else likes :) YAY for raspberry leather couches!

Christine said...

Yep. perfect for your house.

My couches are bright red microfiber. A little worn and stained from the six years of living on them with six pets and three kids, but I adore them. I want to make a bunch of bright pillows, too.

Sally Anderson said...

I love the light in your living room. I wouldn't ever want to leave! The sofas are gorgeous. I love the color. And is that a real jukebox? How cool is that!!

SueBeads said...

Kerry, what a great find! I love your house. And honest-to-God, how the hell do you keep is so clean with all those kids????

Kerry said...

thanks everyone!

@suebeads - the house is clean because i am constantly picking up after the kids. today though, it is not as nice.

@sally - YES! it is a really real jukebox and it works! we listen to it all the time :)

sandi m said...

Love, love, the color!! Adds a nice punch to the room.
You're so lucky to find such great finds. Here in the Midwest, good stuff is getting harder and harder to find.
Can't wait to see pillows.

Sabine said...

I had cobalt blue loveseats in our old tiny house with an apple green club chair. We still have the chair, which my husband calls yellow, but is clearly green. Enjoy your color!!!


TesoriTrovati said...

Oh that is a divine find! I love that your husband sees the potential in that! We have an L shaped couch that has a taupe background with these really nice tapestry flowers on it. Ugh. I am describing a couch from living room hell, but really it is quite nicer than my description! I had an interior designer come over and she loved it, it fits the space so well. The kicker is it was free... it was the couch my mom had custom made when I was in high school over 25 years ago and it STILL looks fresh today! Now that is no small feat!
Enjoy the day!

Cindy said...

Kerry, I think I missed all of the raspberry couch excitement in my attempts to stay off the computer more, and you know me and FB - not joined at the hip!
I'm glad you got these on the 1/2 off day!!! That is SO cool. And I know Ron must have been pleased too. Sure gives your living room a whole new look - I like it! Nothing like big, comfortable couches!!!

Erin said...

They look great, Kerry. The room looks inviting. Love the color of those couches and they really brighten up the room!