Monday, May 16, 2011

Cruisin' & Teachin'

I can hardly believe I am announcing what I am about to announce. It is really surreal to me. This weekend was a bit of whirlwind. The weather has been miserable, which made the house and the inhabitants miserable too. But then... I got an email that put my mood through the roof and brought sunshiny smiles to my face! I have been on pins and needles since Saturday wanting to tell you!! I just needed to wait until it was official. Now it is!

You ready for it?


What is Bead Cruise you ask? Well, it is just what it sounds like... a bead retreat on a cruise ship. You can find out lots of details on the Bead Cruise website or on the Memory Cruisin' website. Talk about heaven on earth! Can you just imagine it? It is March, the snow is hip high, the temps are so low the thermometer broke, and what are you doing? You are heading to Florida for an 8 day Eastern Caribbean Cruise with your gal pals to take beading classes on the open seas and have amazing adventures at each port of call. And lucky me... I am going to be there with you! (Oh yes, I know I am one spoiled rotten girl that has the BEST career in the world!)

This Bead Cruise event happens thanks to the work of master beading mind Heather Powers. This will be the 7th cruise that she has coordinated for jewelry makers. And I will be teaching along with Heather, Beverly Herman (Heather's mom), Tracy Stanley, and Jill Wiseman. What a fantastic line up instructors! Each so unique with so much to share.

While out on the water, I will be teaching 3 classes and here are the details:

bang a rang 2012 class image

Bang A Rang (6-hour)

Wire working is one of the hottest techniques around in jewelry making today. At the heart of every bangle design is strong wire core and in this class, we'll explore the art of bangle creation! Students will have the opportunity to create 3 unique wire bangles, first with copper wire and then with sterling silver. We'll talk about designing wearable pieces that combine bold color and a fun sense of playability. Who better to learn from than the author of Totally Twisted: Innovative Wire Work + Art Glass Jewelry, Kerry Bogert. Each student will have a one-of-a-kind set of lampwork glass beads to use in their finished bangle designs, including a limited edition color combination for your class kit design specifically for Bead Cruise students. This class is going to be a BLAST!

Prerequisites: Making simple loops and wrapped loops
Kit ($75) includes:
Sterling silver wire in assorted gauges
Colored copper wire
One-of-a-kind set of more than 12 lampwork glass beads created by Kerry

(Image coming soon for class two!! THIS IS A NEW CLASS!!)
Frameworks (3-hour)

The art of creating intricately wrapped coil wire frames for beads is so much easier than it looks and you'll learn just how easy it is in this choose-your-own-adventure class. Students can create a pair a unique boldly colored earrings or a fantastic bracelet. This truly is a cross over technique that complements many jewelry mediums. Once you have added this technique to your repertory of skills, you'll be wanting to add frameworks to all your jewelry projects.

Prerequisites: Making simple loops and wrapped loops
Kit ($60) includes:
Sterling silver wire in assorted gauges
Colored copper wire
One-of-a-kind set of lampwork glass beads created by Kerry

snaptastic 1

Snaptastic (3-hour optional)

In this fast paced digital age and highly competitive market, beautiful photos are a must if you are looking to sell your jewelry. If you have been struggling with your digital camera, and just can't seem to achieve the images you are hoping for, then this is the class for you. Jewelry designing, bead making, book writing, photo-taking blogger, Kerry Bogert will share her knowledge of jewelry photography in a way that is fun and informative. She'll share with you how to set up an inexpensive photo booth in your home studio, give tips and tricks on taking unique shots that grab attention, talk about props and product styling, walk you through the various settings on your camera for getting the types of images you are looking for, and the class will finish with instruction on photo editing in both free and professional grade programs. It is time to stop taking photos on your kitchen counter! This is truly a must-take class for jewelers looking to take their digital presence to the next level.

Prerequisites: None
Kit fee: ZERO!
Supplies needed:
Any style digital camera (helpful if it includes the flower icon)
Your own jewelry

I really don't think words can describe just how excited I am about this trip. If you can swing it, I would love to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with you!! From what I hear, it is quite the memory maker and everyone should do it (at least once). I will be sure to share more details when I have them (like info on the Bead Bazaar and evening activities)... but for now... YOO HOOOOOO!!! I'm going on BEAD CRUISE!!


Christine said...

WoW! That is fantastic, Kerry! Congratulations!

Alice said...

I'm so excited for you!!! I'd love to join in on the fun, but things like no money, no time, and a very sick mom keep me from scheduling things like this. This is one of the many things I dream about doing someday!

Jerilynn said...

EEEEEK!!! I would LOVE to do this....okay, scheaming already....

Lori Bowring Michaud said...

Awesome, Kerry! If only my daughter wasn't getting married next May, I could go on several cruises (just kidding)!

Pretty Things said...


(now ... don't you really need a new camera for the trip, wink wink?)


mairedodd said...

wow! congratulations... this is going to be a blast... and what a nice break from the snow...

Dee said...

way to goo!! I was just looking at 2011 bead cruise and thinking...hmmmmm, wouldn't that be nice. I'm waiting for the 23rd for more exciting for you...congratulations!

Cindy said...

Congrats, Kerry! I can hear your excitement all the way down here in VA! You ARE one lucky lady!

Janet said...

Wow how about Heaven gads isnt that wonderful! No housework no nothing just makin doing and chillin lol...

Debbielee39 said...

Well, I'm going for sure now! You made my day. I was going to skip the Bead Cruise next year but now there is no question. I love all of your work and can't wait to take your classes.

Debbie Schueler

Leslie Gidden said...

I feel like a child, but I just want to say....."I wanna go if your going!" Can you see me stomping my foot! Congrats!!! :)