Monday, May 23, 2011

basking in a random monday

sleeping sprouts
amazing saturday

:: what a wonderfully fantastic weekend we had
:: my camera was always at the ready, but i found myself too busy enjoying the days to snap away
:: loads of rain sure makes our little world a rather lush and green place
:: peanut butter sandwiches are just as good fire side as marshmellows, um sorta
:: i woke up feelings a strong creative pull inside me, but i am still not sure what is pulling me or where to
:: raspberry colored leather sofas rock, more on that another day
:: oh, bead cruise early bird registration opens today for those that have attended in the past
:: must research renewing my passport
:: so much writing needs to happen this week, so so much
:: been thinking a lot about the feelings that come up on days like that one, and wondering how i can change things
:: why is it so hard to feel think you are as awesome outside as you feel on the inside, hmmm...
:: and why am i able to get so much more done when i procrastinate on doing a single task then when i am not trying to not do something, weird
:: my heart goes out to all those in crisis after more devastating storms this weekend
:: and then i was out of things i wanted to say...

saturday evening
fire side saturday evening 2


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures you posted of your weekend! They make me want to be in them and enjoy what you all are doing. How wonderful!!! Our school year ends this Wednesday so hopefully we will get to do the same. Have a wonderful Monday!!


Cindy said...

Great shots, Kerry! What a great way to spend an evening, roasting marshamallows! I especially love the shot of your kitty snoozing on the deck! :-) Now that's the good life!