Friday, May 06, 2011

For Mom

I am betting my Mom isn't going to visit my blog today and thus I feel safe risking her seeing her Mother's Day gift early. She asked for something special this year, and I was very happy to oblige. Mom asked me to make a photo/frame collage with images of parts of the kids. Sounds strange at first, but she has held and loved them since birth and swears to know every inch of them by heart. She wanted something to capture the growth and their being right now.

Here are a few of the images I took and how the collage came out...

kids' feet
andrew's eyes
lauren's hands
jacob's belly
mom's gift

I think she'll like it! This really didn't take much time at all to make so there is still time to make one for your Mom. I bought the frame at Target and was able to use their Kodak kiosk to print the images. Makes for a wonderful keepsake, don't cha think?



Shirley said...

Oh Kerry, that is just stunning. I love the simplicity, and meaning behind this wonderful gift. Thanks so much for a great idea.

Christine said...

Wow, I really really love that idea. Simple, sweet, and different! perfect. I know she will love it! Happy Mother's Day to you, Kerry!

Jane Perala said...

Absolutely fantastic!

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous Kerry, what a lovely gift for your Mum - I am sure she will love it. And also so special that you took the pictures :-)

Dyche Designs said...

That so beautiful, she's going to love it.

Cindy said...

Kerry, what an original idea. The frame suits the black and white "parts" pictures so perfectly. My favorite is the one of the kid's feet....I like how you can still catch Andrew's smile in that one.
Happy Mother's Day to YOU! :-)

hello gorgeous said...



hello gorgeous xxx

p.s. hop eyou had a great mother's day too? x