Monday, July 25, 2011

Almost Halfway

coffee with lola
doing dishes

:: this week marks the halfway point of summer vacation for the kids
:: so, is it half left or half over? (ha! half full or half empty?)
:: i have seen way too many 5am's this summer
:: but it is nice that lola hangs out while i wake up with the news and coffee
:: all i have to say about the heat last week: thank goodness for the a/c vent that blows directly on the toilet paper in my bathroom.
:: completely tweaked my neck flying like a superhero, ugh, and it took 3 days to easy back into place that allowed me to turn my head
:: it was still
:: haven't seen me studio in over a week
:: daydreaming about all the things i'll do when i get back there
:: bought the awesomest moth weight top at anthropologie (on clearance), oh how i heart yellow polka dots
:: i am feeling horribly bad about not buying her the ruby slippers while out school supply shopping
:: does that make me the wicked witch?
:: the wizard of oz it making so many appearances in my life... maybe i should watch it today.
:: i just sang "wake up you sleepy head, open your eyes and get out of bed" to andrew (again)
:: why do passport photos make your face look so wide?
:: i'm completely devastated that there is no book club this month
:: *sigh* time to hit the pavement... mornings don't run themselves

ruby slippers
polka dot top


Shirley said...

Love the post! Especially the coffee and jammies. That is me right now, enjoying the last cup before I get started on my crazy day! I'm gonna say I have half a summer left, cause I'm not ready for my school year to start! :) (The good thing about being the homeschool mom is that I get to decide when we start).

Lindsey said...

Hah, we have another shirt in common (the stripey, not the Anthro. Have yet to buy anything there.)! And you're not the wicked witch, you've been getting her all sorts of other things she loves for school.

TesoriTrovati said...

You capture the essence of your day, the essence of you with such ease and grace, Miss Kerry. *Sigh*. I never take photos of myself. Not. Ever. I wish that I had your confidence with the camera. And I thank you for always willingly sharing your story.
Enjoy the day.