Monday, July 11, 2011

Around The House

front house exterior before 1
paint complete 4

:: the house is official D.O.N.E... being painted that it. we hung the shutters on saturday and it was done.
:: next project will be to spruce up the crooked breeze way with new windows and doors.
:: i told you my soul needed a rainy day... my lawn could use more than one.
:: look how big the daisies grew in just a month!
:: and oh yes, the deck is done too.
:: i know all this talk of house projects is boring as all get out, oh well. i'm sure you'll survive it.
:: i didn't even tell you, we painted the shed to match too.
:: oh, we ripped out the old, circa 1970, scrolly, rusted, metal porch railings and replaced it with lovely painted wood posts.

deck before 4
deck done

:: i decided to take you around my house all week... but not just the paint job. you'll see.
:: inside and out
:: why is it that after more than 6 months rusty still hisses at lola? all she wants to do is love him.
:: today marks the start of a new photo adventure for summer! superhero photo with andrea scher!
:: i love the idea of opening my life to more gratitude and joy!!
:: don't worry, i won't be silent for another month...
:: i just spotted my mom out the back window plucking weeds in the gardens.
:: time to throw on a sports bra for my morning run!

good morning gardens 11
paint complete 1


Christine said...

It looks fabulous, Kerry!

SummersStudio said...

It all looks lovely and I do enjoy seeing the house projects. BTW, could you send your mother over to my house to weed the front garden?

Laura Twiford said...

I too love seeing house stuff. It looks wonderful after all your hard work. I especially love the bright color of the deck now.

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh, that IS awesome! I love it all so much. Thanks for the tour!
Enjoy the day!

Alice said...

You've been busy! I just love the new color of your house. I love seeing before and after photos of house projects, but on the other hand it reminds me of all the stuff we need to do around here.

Spirited Earth said...

amazing how the new color changes the whole look of the house..beautiful

sandi m said...

Lovely, lovely!
(Poor lawn - mine looks the same way.)

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great color choice!!! Your home looks amazing...


Cindy said...

Mission accomplished! It is so cool to see the before and after shots, Kerry. You and Ron have sure worked hard! Your house looks fabulous.

hello gorgeous said...

oh looks like a cute little thing from the front but boy is it HUGE! I love the colour you've chosen and the deck looks amazing painted soo brightly! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx