Monday, July 18, 2011

Where Time Flies

studio morning collage

:: two days in a row, i was in my studio by 6am.
:: i never knew what incredible early morning light made its way in through the windows at that hour.
:: i was right, it was just like riding a bike, i didn't forget.
:: would you believe, windows open and fan running, it was still 83degrees at 6am in the studio? yikes.
:: i am still in love with making polaroids and think it is a wonderful trick for cell phone shots on a day you forgot your real camera.
:: one of the brick walls between two windows whispered to me that each brick wanted to be painted a bright color. how could i refuse?
:: not really caring for the yellowie lime green though.
:: this morning's run is going to be a muggy one and i am kinda dreading it... and oh my stars there was a giant black snake on the trail last week... g.i.a.n.t... and black/gray stripes... shudder
:: saw the last harry potter with jacob on friday.
:: bawled my eyes out at least three times.
:: i am wondering if i should start a new blog devoted to the adventures/pictures of my yellow textured coffee mug?
:: lauren wants to go school supply shopping this week... i love that girl.
:: speaking of forgetting... i am trying to remember and hold close one feeling that washed over me while in the studio... utter *rightness*... for a few moments, i felt it.
:: everything is as it should be.

studio morning done

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