Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Off The Presses

Time to take a short break from being a superhero and put on my business lady hat for a minute. I am really excited to tell you about the latest Interweave project I'm involved in, Live Wire. I am sure you have heard a lot of buzz about emags. But, just in case you haven't, emags are digital/electronic magazines. With a few mouse clicks, and no trips to your mailbox or bookstore, you have a copy of a great publication. And something that makes this emags extra special is that it isn't just a pdf of a magazine in print... this one is interactive.

Way back in February, I created a special project just for this new emag. I finally got to take a peak at my contributor copy of Live Wire yesterday and I couldn't get over how visually stimulating it was. Right from the get go, I was sucked in. After downloading the file, I clicked open, and watched as the cover filled, one by one, with all those goodies you see on it in the shot above. You can even see my project there on the cover, it is the cuff with bright orange bead with yellow spots.

Once I got past the cover filling with all that colorful goodness, I clicked to the table of contents and it was so cool!! You can click on images and hop directly to what you want to see OR you can simply move through flipping page by page. What is neat is that as you flip through the pages, each is sort of a title page. If you scroll down on any of those title pages, you can read the related article. Plus, I only saw one single advertisement! No postcards falling out from the pages is lovely. HA! Another interactive aspect is the videos!! Yep, as you work through the projects, many have videos right along with instructions. So, if you aren't sure how to hold your pliers to get that wire bent just so... it shows you.

Some of my favorite bead people are in the issue with me. My pals Cindy Wimmer and Cassie Donlen have shared really beautiful/inventive/sweet projects. Well done, ladies. Also making appearances are Interweave regulars Denise Peck,  Jane Dickerson, Sarah Richardson, and more.

But enough of my blathering... click on over to Live Wire and check it out for yourself! And while you are at it... I have those 5 pieces in Easy Wire 2011 (available as a digital download too) for you to try out.

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