Tuesday, July 05, 2011

life is like...

life is like

:: if i were to say june was a full month, it would be the biggest understatement of the year
:: the kids are out of school and up to their usual driving-their-mom-nuts-summer-antics
:: the house updates i told you about this spring are nearly finished
:: the garden is overflowing with goodness... we've harvested the garlic, broccoli is budding, and more
:: and i love fresh picked steamed chard
:: i miss my studio
:: i finished knitting the sweater seen in the image that started off the month of photos in june
:: psst... i have seen the cover of my new book!!
:: i started cutting the fabric for a new quilt... it is oh so very colorful
:: it is hard to believe i am officially the mother of a high school student! high school... really?
:: i remember high school, it wasn't that long ago... or maybe it was... i graduated 15 years ago
:: oh how i love my blue house with white trim
:: honestly... my soul could really use a rainy day
:: many morning runs
:: i am constantly reminding myself that with each new season there is a shift in rhythms and new routines settle in
:: must learn to be okay with change... it won't be forever
:: here is to summer...


Azure Islands Designs said...

Great post...you've told us a great deal without writing a book!!! I like this kind of blogging...it would be interesting to give it a try.


kelleysbeads said...

how exciting to know what the cover of your new book looks like now. excitement on so many different paths within your life. very happy for you!

Cindy said...

Kerry, it's nice to hear your voice again here! I think you had even more going on this month than you mention here....it was a busy one!
I'd love to see a picture of your freshly painted house!

Kerry said...

thanks ladies!

cindy, i plan to show the house photos when we finish the trim on the front windows and rehang the shutters!!