Monday, January 09, 2012

hello, friends...

Sporting some new specs

:: sigh, well that didn't work. If I want to reflect about my day in a blog post, it is just going to have to be the next morning. Evenings are way too full.
:: you might think things are busy busy here, what with the lack of posts and all, but nope, just the opposite. Things are simple and quiet and flowing, and I'm floating along for the ride.
:: Friday I picked up my new specs from the eye doc's office. I wear contacts and haven't bought glasses with my current script in over 10 years. I thought it time to give it a go. I'll still wear my contacts most of the time, but give my eyes a break more often.
:: I've been doodling color combinations for my surroundings for new beads. I hope to be torching before the week is out and have new beads to post next week. Any special shape requests?
:: current color combo love? grey, dark navy, and orange. oh so different than my usual turquoise and orange love.
:: I hate to be so cliche and talk about the weather, but dang. Friday I took a walk to the local yarn shop, to meet a friend, and it was so balmy all I wore was a light sweater. Ron even golfed on Saturday!
:: oh how grand it would be to get a good old snow storm.
:: I have a haircut planned for tomorrow and I can not wait. My ends are all frayed and splitty.
:: knitting on a new sweater from sock weight yarn is going by oh so much faster than I hoped. I separated the lower body for the front and back just this morning. I only started it 10 days ago.
:: my run this morning was absolutely marvelous. I've been watching Netflix on my iPod while on the treadmill and it makes time fly. Stopping a movie at the end of my run makes me look forward to the /runfun the following day to continue the film.
:: I finished watching James Stewart's Harvey (1950) today. Wonder what I'll watch tomorrow? I love old movies.
:: speaking of running, JCasa is challenging herself to walk, run, or jog 1000 miles in 2012. I'm seriously considering taking up the challenge too. I think it fits my want to aspire to a healthier me.
::  6.3 down 993.7 to go...
:: I think I'll make myself a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and head into the studio before the day gets any further away from me. Do you like grilled cheese and tomato? You should make one too! (I just pop in the toaster oven to warm it back up when I'm ready for lunch.)


belvedere beads said...

My favorite old movie is "Bringing Up Baby." It's hilarious.

Saturday Sequins said...

The Heiress is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's definitely not a comedy, but Olivia de Havilland is amazing.

Grilled cheese sounds so good right now. Or, you know, any day of the week. ;)

-- Sarah

Cindy said...

I like the new glasses! I don't think I even knew you wore contacts - daily? I've been doing the opposite and wearing my contacts more often lately. :-) Unfortunately I have dry eyes and I pay a price for wearing them.
Your new bead color combo sounds really pretty - can't wait to see the colors in bead form soon.
Speaking of sandwiches, I tried a new local place today and had one of the best tuna salad sandwiches ever & can't wait to go back!