Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Sun

january sun

I'm about ready to settle into a day that looks quite the opposite of the one in the photo above. Yesterday was gloriously bright and, I dare say, balmy for January. Today, however, is dark and cold and rainy and perfect for a few hours at my torch in my studio. As I finish scrapping the last few bits of Key Lime yogurt from my cup, I'm thinking about what I'll make first when I get to my little sanctuary. It's been well over a month since I lit that hot little fire last. It feels like it's time. Some sanctuary is really needed right now.

We have had a rough couple of days here, or I should say evenings. The one I described having taken place on Monday was just the beginning. I haven't talked about it here but, Andrew, my middle child that suffers from bi-polar disorder, is going through what's called a med wash. We are trying to get a baseline of current symptoms off meds so we can best decide what to do next for him. Very slowly over the past two months, we have lowered he medications and by February he will be off all of them completely. All this has been happening under the care of his doctors, of course, but still, no one is here with us in the evenings when he is having a hyper manic episode, or when he swings the other way and struggles with something as simple as taking a shower.

Talking about Andrew and his condition is something *I* struggle with here. I used to talk about it more but as he grows, I want to respect his privacy. At the same time, want those of you that have become invested in him through the years to know how he is doing. He is very happy in his school environment these days, he wishes there was a local baseball team he could play on that wasn't competitive (OH how we lack something team related and active for kids between the ages of 12-18 that isn't competitive here), he is addicted to his new iPod... he loves the endless supply of new games at his fingertips, his hair grows faster than anyone I know and he hates to have it cut but thankfully we found an angel that will come to my studio and cut it for him, he would live in his flannel pjs if I let him, he eats us out of fruit daily, he is desperate for some snow to snowboard and sled, and he loves Rusty, our big ole deaf white cat, more than any other living creature, ever. He is truly the most simple, yet complicated, being.

Don't worry about leaving a comment today. I've closed them. There are times that I just feel compelled to share but honestly, don't want to go beyond the sharing. I'm sure you understand.

And, as always, tonight is another evening. It has every possibility of being better than the night before.