Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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What a difference a few days makes. Friday you got a glimpse of the glee inducing snow fall that dropped a few fabulous inches on us and if you were here today, you would be soaked to the bone and knee deep in mud. It's near 50* and raining.

The other day I sat and watched Sense & Sensibility, all by my lonesome, while Ron took Lauren to gymnastics and the boys did their own things. There is one point in the movie where the youngest sister is told not to talk about certain things and if she can't think if something appropriate, she should discuss the weather. HA!

I don't know why I keep talking about weather these days.


I feel completely boring. I haven't anything to talk about. No exciting things to share with you. I've been in the studio experimenting but nothing worth showing yet. I'm all tra la la la la. If you asked me something, I'm sure I could carry on about it for ages. Left to my own devices though, I'm speechless.

So... for lack of a better topic... here is a bit of random...

:: Ron and I finished watching Season 5 of Dexter (on DVD from the library) and I'm wishing we had cable so I didn't have to wait a lifetime to see Season 6.
:: my new sweater has taken a turn (or I should say, pucker) for the worse and although I'll finish it, and wear it, I'm not knitting on it incessantly.
:: Andrew is pacing circles around me at the moment because we wants me to wash his swim stuff for school tomorrow.
:: I made blackberry cobbler on Sunday night, it was delightful.
:: OH! For those of you that have been waiting... I posted all my new RINGS! Go check them out!!
:: it took 3 wheelbarrows of wood to fill bin near the backdoor. It should last til Friday.
:: Lauren bought herself a locket at the craft store yesterday... she says she's always wanted one.
:: I'm getting back in the show saddle, but until it is for sure for sure, I'm not telling you which show, but I think you'll be excited.
:: I can't believe The Bead Cruise is right around the corner!!
:: I have no idea what we are going to have for dinner tonight.
:: I finally got my act together and I've taken advantage of wholesale discounts with Parawire. Kits will now have whole spools of wire in them!! I can't wait to see them kitted up.
:: I stink at the kids' math homework, I'm not gonna lie.
:: no, I haven't painted the ceiling yet, ugh.
:: I have my heart set on us installing wood countertops. I won't be able to survive without them, I'm sure of it.
:: I <3 Pinterest.

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Alice said...

See, you have lots to talk about. I love Pinterest too! Once when my daughter was in 5th grade she asked me to help her with a math paper. She got an F, and the kids learned not to ask me for homework help. Am I smarter than a 5th grader? The answer is NO!

Love those darling rings!

juditsd said...

very cool rings!

Cindy said...

I agree with Alice, you DO have lots to talk about! :-) How was the sausage bread, was it a hit? That crockpot oatmeal brulee sure was! I do need to make Hot Fudge Sunday Cake again soon...it's been too long!

TesoriTrovati said...

Sort of like an episode of Seinfeld where it was all about the nothingness of daily life, but infinitely fascinating! I am with you on the heavy sighs and the feeling of having nothing to say. I always pledged silently to myself that if I didn't have anything to say I wouldn't. Well that lasted about a week before I was missing it so much that I stayed up way to late to say something! Rings! So cool! And I so wish that I were going on the Bead Cruise. I might be a sponsor, still waiting to see if I can pull that off. Enjoy your day, Miss Kerry!