Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Time By The Water

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On our last day in VA, we headed just a little further down the state to Virginia Beach. OH how we love the ocean!! It has been far too long since we were ocean side. The water was freaking freezing and pinked our skin, but the temps were high and the company wonderful.

We made the long drive home yesterday and it feels good to be back. We are falling right back into the comfort of our routines. It is colder here than the water at VA Beach, but as I walked to the car this morning to grab a few things still not unpacked, I took a deep breath of the cold. It felt really good. Really really good.

There is no place like home.


hello gorgeous said...

oooo, how gorgeous is this...makes my heart smile....being by the sea! You look like you had a fab time, and your mum...well, she's gorgeous! Just like her daughter!! ;o)

Continue with the fun sweetie!


hello grogeous xxx

Kerry said...

hey gorgeous!
that isn't my mom, that is my best friend!! she just turned 40 on tuesday :) shhhh, i won't tell her you thought she was old enough to be my mom.

hello gorgeous said...

hahaha! that's SOOOO funny!

When I posted it I had a feeling it might be your sister instead, as she looks SOOOO much like you, I did have a feeling of dread.....but a friend, I would never have guessed!!! ooops!!!

Yes, let's keep that one on the hush-hush!

sending extra hugs!

hello gorgeous xxx