Monday, April 25, 2011

simply ten good things

(thanks to a prompt from Amanda Blake Soule... )

spent blooms
comfy bed
candy basket

the feel of new yarn in my fingers as i knit away on a new project
the sun pouring in my front window when rain is expected
the quite of the house now that the kids are back to school
the comfort and smell of fresh linens... *love*
and the knowing tonight's sleep will be as good as last thanks to an unmade bed
the mix of spent blooms from bought flowers and flowers from our garden
the dirt stains on my nails after planting seeds
the smell of my hubby's cheek when he left for work this morning
the commitment to flip flops regardless the temps
and the fullness of inspiration waiting at my studio


TesoriTrovati said... make me *sigh* heavily. such a lovely array of beautiful things. i would add one more... the way you see the world and share it with us!

enjoy the day!

Cindy said...

Kerry, your flower mix really is beautiful...and the same bright colors reflected in your quilt. Really nice! I just love the vibrant colors you shared today. Sounds like you are settling back in to life after spring break and your long road trip!