Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Slide 2 - Drizzible


I know, I know... you want to know what the heck "drizzible" is. Well, it is the word that came to me as looked out the window while descending the stairs in the bleak halls of the building where my studio is. I thought to myself... it is miserable out, and look at that drizzle, it is definitely drizzle... hey, it is drizzible out! And OH MY, that is it... that is the name for the new necklace!!! I have been working on this all week and pondered multiple names during that time. The minute this made up word popped into my mind, I just knew that was what the necklace would be called. I just knew it. And to me... when I look at the necklace, and think "drizzible", not only does it suit it perfectly, it doesn't *feel* like drizzle and miserable put together.

The top image there will be what I use as slide #2 to represent my work when submitting to art shows this year. I just love it. Below are lots of other eye candy photos for you to oogle. For those that have asked themselves "what do people do with glass headpins?" THIS is my answer! Yes, those are all my original lampwork glass headpins (similar to the Striplosion ones from a few weeks ago). I wrapped them an assortment of colored copper wires and linked with sterling silver hammered rings. I love seeing this image side by side with the image from last week. Oh how giddy I am at how these images are turning out!!

drizzible worn 2
drizzible 3
drizzible 2


Jane Perala said...

I love that piece - it's so "happy".

TesoriTrovati said...

drizzible is awesome! i think it sounds like and looks like a fizzy drink with chinese lantern party balloons billowing over the top. yowza that is cool!
and you share what great slides look like (which is why I don't have anything prepared for the one show that I was hoping to attend this year... drats... I need to get me some professional photos!)
Love this Kerry! It is so you! And I think it would be a compliment to be told that you are particularly drizzibly today! ;-P
Enjoy the day!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Wow...gorgeous all the colors!


Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

Drizzle how is it that you can even make rain sound amazing! We had sideways rain here today, no drizzle. I love this piece it's so bright and cheery!

Jo said...

I love it! The name, the colours, the glass headpins, everthing!

Blue Kiln Beads said...

Love love love it Kerry, I think it is my fav piece that I've ssen of yours yet. Good luck with your entry!

Anonymous said...

I love the things you do to the wire! and you're a color genius!!!
Love the piece and the photos...
Kim (Texas)

Sally Anderson said...

It's fantastic. I looked at more of the photos on Flickr and loved it as a bracelet, too! Your colors are so joyful and fun. I also loved the one called "unnamed" too!

juditsd said...

amazing jewelry - great pictures. congrats!:)