Monday, April 11, 2011

Sticky Thoughts

furniture move new view 2

:: you remember this, yes? saturday i had a sudden inkling to move it.
:: moving and reorganizing a book shelf might possibly be the most soothing activity ever.
:: you see, it was there, in the background... now it is behind the torch station.
:: having the glass cubbie fit abso-freaking-lutely perfectly into the shelves caused me to be gitty.
:: granted, the stereo is a tad big for that bottom shelf, but i will pretend i don't notice it.
:: moving this might lead to moving other things now too... hmmm, and i really want a big solid colored couch too.

furniture move new view 1

:: there are a bunch of goodies in the kiln that i am excited to get to tomorrow.
:: i have show applications due next week!!
:: the wind is blowing so fierce right now the chairs are moving across the deck!
:: today was our first day in the 70s of the season. so balmy.
:: i went for a run and blame my pathetic wheezing and chest clenching on explosive amounts of pollen, not my current physical condition.
:: so what if i haven't run in weeks, erp, months. ahem.

furniture move new view 3

:: my godson, ben, turned three last week... i got extra special hugs at his birthday party yesterday, so sweet.
:: sometimes, i just can't be bothered to capitalize. who really cares?
:: saturday i am driving to virginia to see my best friend... can.not.wait.
:: i am clueless as to what we are going to have for dinner tonight.
:: nearly finished an orange sweater i started two weeks ago. i think you'll like it.
:: here is hoping my magnolia tree waits until i get back from va to bloom.

shooting 1


Shirley said...

Thanks for the lovely pics, Kerry. It's really cool to get the glimpses into the creative spaces of artists like you. What I love is seeing old, vintage stuff repurposed and used in such awesome ways. And, of course, getting to see your beautiful work is eye candy in itself!

Anonymous said... that shot of the mirror and the reflection of everything in it.
Oh wow, Ben is already 3??! I remember before he was born....
I don't think I told you that I agree with many of the below comments on your blog - the white is fantastic. It is so much more you and perfect for this necklace. It is perfect.

Jenny Petricek said...

I love all of the random pieces of life that you share on your blog!

I, too, am a runner...I find that I do a lot of my best creative brainstorming while jogging outside. Unfortunately, I also suffer from allergy-induced asthma, and this is the worst time of year for that!

Catherine Denton said...

Now I wanna come play.
My Blog

Janet said...

Wonderful Glass Kerry!!
I just got a bunch of glass...and would like to have your amt down the road! ^Your shop is really great looking. Have a wonderful time with your best bud! Kindreds are hard to find..but so precious. How is your business going btw? xx

Stacie said...

I love your photo set up and your amazing studio...and sometimes I don't feel like bothering with caps is it possible that Ben is 3?

belvedere beads said...

Love the new arrangement - the glass looks like candy against the black and white of the cabinet.