Thursday, April 14, 2011

Osculate Makes Three

osculate 1

Have I every mentioned just how helpful a thesaurus can be when trying to name a new design? I really could kiss the person that invented the thesaurus, I really could. Which is kinda ironic since one of the definitions of the word I discovered to name this new necklace is "to kiss".

os·cu·late   /ˈɒskyəˌleɪt/ [os-kyuh-leyt]
verb, -lat·ed, -lat·ing.
–verb (used without object)
1. to come into close contact or union.
2. Geometry . (of a curve) to touch another curve or another part of the same curve so as to have the same tangent and curvature at the point of contact.
–verb (used with object)
3. to bring into close contact or union.
4. Geometry . (of a curve) to touch (another curve or another part of the same curve) in osculation.
5. to kiss.

I really couldn't imagine a better word for this necklace. Could you? You might recognize these beads from this piece created ages ago. I was in the studio today absolutely wracking my brain about what to make for the 3rd design needed to photography for jury slides. Do I make more hollows, do I make discs, do I make rings? I couldn't decided. So as the kiln heated up, I thought to myself, I better shoot an old piece just in case. One thing led to another and suddenly I was busting the old necklace apart and reworking it into this completely new design. It is LONG at more than 30in in the round. There are more than 20 cupped glass discs with glass headpins attached to tiny figure 8 hammered links which connect ginormous 10g sterling silver rings. And those big rings have each been wrapped with coils of colored copper wire. It took hours to make and I sawed into my fingers... twice... when working with the 10g wire. Yikes.

I seriously couldn't be more thrilled with the final result and seeing the three slide images together is just so satisifying. The top photo is the one I decided to use as the third slide. Below are lots of other attempts at getting the perfect shot. I must say, it is dang near impossible to squeeze 30in of necklace into one frame and still show details. But I think I managed it.

osculate 2
osculate 3
osculate 5
osculate 7
osculate 9
osculate 10
osculate worn 1


Lindsey said...

Long = good! I like your longer pieces. I could see that one even longer. . . :) Glad the flashdancer neckline has been corrected.

Alice said...

I'ts just lovely! The colors are just gorgeous! I know what you mean about getting a longer piece squeezed in the photo and still make it look good. I think you've done it perfectly!

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

THAT turned out fantastic! Got to love it when things come together like that, or come apart like that LOL

sandi m said...

Now if those judges don't see talent staring at them in those photos....
Good luck!

Carol D. said...

These works are all great! Good job getting all 30 in. in one pic. Just saw your blog in Artful Blogging (yes I am a little slow). Congrats!

TesoriTrovati said...

Totally crushworthy, Miss Kerry! I love it. Especially seeing it to scale on the lovely model ;-)
Enjoy the day!

Laura Twiford said...

Beautiful necklace and photos! I really like the photo of it all in a line, not necessarily for the show photo, just a cool shot. I'm guessing you made the sweater also? Too talented!

Azure Islands Designs said...

great piece, lots of color & movement...I like the longer look...seems to be popular right now!

Your photos are amazing, so crisp and clear! Do you know something we don't? Other than how to take fabulous photos... :0)


Sally Anderson said...

You do such amazing work. I'm in awe! Really.

Cindy said...

Kerry, this is one of my new all-time favorites. I LOVE your beads and the colors for sure. And the pictures on the white background! Oh, and the picture of you is so cute!! :-)

Gold Charm said...

Innovative and beautiful.The chained beads look so colorful vibrant and casual yet eye catchy.It is going to be popular with the young teens who like to mix and match and play with colors.

Jo said...

Yummy yummy yummy! And it goes perfectly with your new jumper too!