Thursday, April 12, 2012

At Sunrise

sunrise 1
sunrise 2

Yesterday, one of my projects had me quite literally banging my head against a table in frustration and lack of inspiration. The beads just weren't speaking to me, so I had to walk away. I couldn't ignore it for long though, deadlines are deadlines after all. So, in light of kids that did not want to be dragged to the studio for the fourth day in a row, I made my way to work in the wee morning hours, alone for the first time, before anyone was awake. I'm oh so very glad I did. Not only did I find the inspiration I needed to finish my project, I witnessed my space glow in the most brilliant of ways. The honey colored hues only lasted for a new minutes before the sun moved past that magical angle that sets off colors like these. It totally filled me up, eased the tension in my shoulders, and made me relax a bit. I needed that. All I had on my plate for this week seems so much more manageable now. It's all getting done. Phew.   

sunrise 3
sunrise 4
sunrise 5


hello gorgeous said...

oooo, delicious! A couple of mirrors on the "sun" wall to bounce it around the room more too, maybe??

Aren't you glad you moved now? ha!


hello gorgeous xxx

mairedodd said...

light truly has a healing quality about it - and dawn/dusk especially are magical... so very glad you got to have some time alone and see your space suffused with that honey glow...
congrats on getting your deadlines taken care of!

Vicki said...

the light in your studio is brilliant'

Bouncing off the walls and the glass would be enough to inspire any artist.
lucky you

TesoriTrovati said...

Such a cheery space. I wish that my studio got natural light. You have an inspiring space to work in and I know that you will be doing great things in there. Best part? The mannequin with the waiting tutu!
Enjoy the day!

Isibeads said...

oh - it's magical.