Monday, April 02, 2012

just another random monday

labadee haiti 1
labadee haiti 4
labadee haiti 6

:: this is my 1600 post on this blog... dang!
:: I was at a loss for photos to share, so I edited some more from my time on the Bead Cruise. these are postcards from Labadee, Haiti
:: that dreamy day on the beach was so very different from this past weekend spent caring for sick kids, running a fever myself, and helping my cousin move in the pouring rain
:: I learned what "feverish planning" really is... while unable to sleep, yet completely exhausted, my brain was arranging studio furniture in my thoughts and I had ideas for new classes come to mind too
:: the cat is outside my window, covered in mud, begging to come in
:: I loved some really special Sunday morning texting with my best friend
:: recommit, reconnect, remember we're awesome

labadee haiti 7
labadee haiti 10
labadee haiti 12

:: today is a studio day... I'll be packing
:: I doodled the class ideas I was thinking about so I don't forget them, since I can't work on them at the moment
:: fyi: the $30 Target "American Girl" style doll is just as awesome as the $110 real one... Lauren said so
:: I really need to get back into my running routine... it's time
:: Ron keeps insisting that it is going to take seven years to get blueberries on our blueberry bushes... I really hope he's wrong because I am craving berries
:: I love a friend that knows my favorite flower and sends me a photo of them, in stock!, in our local grocery store... so thoughtful
:: on the way to the studio, I'm buying some of my favorite flowers
:: I'm still not gonna let that muddy cat in...

labadee haiti 13
labadee haiti 17
labadee haiti 24


Jenny said...

Here's to hoping the sun shines on you in a productive week of health, organization and creativity! Those pix were lovely - glad you shared!

Cindy said...

what are those eggs on the beach, they look like snake skin to me.

Boot ~C said...

the big dif between target doll & american girl doll is the hair. Target doll will fuzz & tangle very easily!