Monday, April 16, 2012


Fencing 1
Fencing 2

:: remember when I told you a while back that my cousin was moving in just 5 houses down the street and she is bringing her 2 horses with her... we helped work on the pasture fences this weekend
:: I love watching Lauren and Amber (my cousin's daughter, aka my 2nd cousin) together... it's like watching Charity (my cousin) and Bonnie (my little sister) all over again... there is going to be an incredible bond between them, despite the 4yr age difference
:: it's hard to work in a field in rain boots all day... it makes one's feet quite sore the next day
:: I was part of the rail crew and I now know what a ratcheting cordless screwdriver is... and yes, it is supposed to make that noise, I wasn't stripping the screws
:: picnic lunches and pizza dinners
:: oh so many HUGE rocks to unearth before setting too many posts
:: when it's said and done, Clover & Shamrock (the horses), will have nearly 3 full acres to roam

Fencing 3
Fencing 4

:: I'm going to learn to care for the horses and stables to help when they're out of town... I'm too excited about it
:: there is something so easy about being around family as neighbors instead of regular neighbors... they know you... it's okay
:: a few beers and a bonfire is the best way to end a long day of hard work... forget baths and bedtimes
:: I could feel where the sun kissed my nose and cheeks, the few times it came out from behind the clouds, when I finally made it to bed
:: and then... Spring break was over... the kids are all in school and I can find my routine again
:: it's balmy today... a whopping 80 degrees
:: my sister has finally seen the studio and we ended up rearranging the furniture... I like it
:: I picked up fresh rolls for burgers for dinner and something cold to drink tonight... perfect combination

Fencing 5
Long day of work should always end in a bonfire.


Christine said...

Oh, fencing. My least favorite farm chore! ;)

I love your pix, though, and I am happy you have awesome family right down the street!

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

I hate fencing LOL fortunately our place is pretty much done. I do love the after work bonfires though! They'll be lucky to have you so close, someone trustworthy to care for your horses while you are away is so hard to find. We've used the same girl for about 6 years now, I have no idea what we'll do if she ever moves or quits.

Cindy said...

What a hard-working crew you guys are! Yes, burgers and a cold drink are in order! :-)
Sounds like Lauren will have not only a cousin a few houses away, but really, a big sis at the same time. Lots of new memories about to be created....

Kerry said...

thank ladies!

Cindy, actually, Lauren is the older one! So she gets to have a little sister :)