Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting There

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It's getting there.
Slowly, but surely, I'm learning the new ways of the new studio.
It had been too long since I last made beads. What was it, a month, or more?
Well before the Bead Cruise (don't forget early bird registration for returning cruisers opens at noon today!), that's for sure.
I have some new ideas stirring that I want to bring to life. Beads are definitely required.
So the studio was christened yesterday and my first beads here have been made.
Nothing fancy. The learning curve coming back to the flame after so many weeks is a steep one.
I am eager to get in this morning and see how things worked out. There are a couple of pretty cabochons (or should I say Kabochons) waiting for me.
Who knows? Maybe I'll have a few new goodies to post on my website by the end of the week... we'll see.


Heather Behrendt said...

Studio looks fantastic!

I'm a wee bit jealous

Cindy said...

Welcome back to the torch, Kerry! The colors you pulled look pretty...very promising indeed!
I cannot believe that is a fine snow I see out window! oh my.