Monday, April 23, 2012

random stuff

My inspiration board is hung. Lots of love here! Setting sun

:: friday it was in the 80s, today we woke to an inch of slushy snow... with more on the way
:: i've been automatically switched to the new blogger and i can't say i like it... argh... let's hope this post looks alright!
:: my inspiration board is up in the studio, it's different in the new space, but i love it
:: it's time to start making some beads
:: dang snow has me wanting to curl into a sleeping ball on the couch with a book next to the fire
:: i spent saturday out antiquing with a friend from high school... we had mexican cuisine for lunch
:: while i was gone, ron made a fantastic pot of beef stroganoff, it was so so good
:: i was spoiled with food all weekend and my tummy shows it

Restaurant art

:: yesterday we were lazy most of the day
:: as we watched movies and folded laundry, i embroidered a fabric cover for my sister's nook case... i want it for myself
:: i'm so so inspired by embroidery lately, probably because i'm finally sharing it with y'all as part of the new book... good things are cooking... or should i said good things are stitching... or waiting to be stitched...
:: there is an interesting phone call happening tomorrow at 10am... things are in the works peps
:: oh, i should mention, i decided to start a new collection... old, pretty, china, dinner plates... i didn't find any on saturday, but i'll keep looking
:: this morning i put pepper jack cheese on a bagel with a scrambled egg... i highly recommend it
:: i really really don't recommend this new blogger... it's been a pain all morning
:: time to get the day rolling... what's on your agenda?

My poor dogwood Snowy feet


Copper Diem said...

Have you checked out the doodle stitching books? I don't embroider, but i have one of those books because they have the cutest stuff! I bet you'd love it

Cindy said...

I have a doodle stitching book! But have I really broken out with it? No...but I do love embroidery too!

You may have had a quiet weekend, but it sounds like you were up to all sorts of stuff!

I can't believe you actually got some slushy snow!